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Looking for a place to spend your holiday? Consider Cambodia. It has a population of approximately 14million. The climatic condition is warm to hot, with wet and dry seasons. Cambodians major in the export of clothing, timber, rubber and rice. Phnom Penh is its capital.

Cambodia is a country that promotes nature. This can be seen in their structures. Some Cambodians live in houseboats, while others live in houses raised on long stilts or built on floating platforms. This is a peculiar structure that you would see around. It allows the dwellers to breath in fresh air from nature. There are even floating schools, clinics, markets, and petrol stations.

You could find a whole village floating. Their streets are often jammed with motor bikes transporting everything you could imagine, from live chickens to refrigerators – these are some of the sights and sounds in parts of Cambodia.

Cambodians are known for being friendly, warm and held together by social or cultural ties.  They refer to one another in an informal setting with titles even if they are meeting for the first time.

Market your books

Rice is a major part of  Cambodian cuisine. They eat rice in different forms. A typical meal will have three or four dishes, often including soup. In their coastal region, they’re also involved in fishing. And fish is a favourite food for them. It is common for sweet, sour and salty dishes to be served in the same meal.

Over 90 percent of Cambodians are Buddhists and this can be traced to the influence of the Chinese and the Indians on them. History has it that about two millenniums ago, Indian merchants and pilgrims on their way to China began frequenting Cambodia’s coastline and exchanging silk and metals for spices, aromatic wood, ivory, and gold. Over time, the people of Cambodia absorbed the influence of India and China, and thus Hinduism and Buddhism flourished.

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A popular fruit in Cambodia is the dragon fruit. The natural feeling of Cambodia would make you imagine the look of nature from the beginning of creation. The inhabitants of Cambodia are a reflection of the beauty of nature. If you want to feel the warmest of nature, plan to visit Cambodia.

Adapted from Awake! Magazine.