5 Steps to find and keep the right woman

Today, you can’t find the right woman by looking at their faces. Women have their faces padded, often attributed to the faces of run way stars. This has made finding the perfect woman a semblance to seeking a needle in a hay stack. 

Although, a lot of men have opined that finding such woman is almost impossible. But contrary to popular opinion, these tips lie at their fingertips.

Meanwhile, some men have neglected basic magic tricks that win a woman, even with the hardest of heart.

These tricks can be as little as putting a call through to know how her day was.

It could be as minute as complementing her hairdo or appearance.

Or even a “thank-you” when she helps with laundry.

Do I get a curious look? Believe or not, it’s that easy!

I discussed with a friend who could not let his “ego” down in his relationship.  And I realise the problem was his ego.

He placed a call to a lady who did not respond or return the call after 2 days.

This made him go about carrying a solemn face as he kept analysing where he went wrong.

He refused to call the lady again.  This is one mistake a lot of men make. 

Did I get your attention? Yes! I did.

These steps will help you find and keep the right woman.

Just do it!

Like the famous Nike slogan that says: “Just do it,” you need to go out there and search for that woman.

You cannot get that woman if you don’t take the first step.

Except on the other side of the world where a woman can walk up to a man and start a conversation. But a man should   make the first move to accost a woman.

So, be the boss, quit the desperate search on match.com, eharmony and Nigerian Christian Singles and go get your woman. She is closer than you think.

All that glitters is not gold

Some men emphasize on looks rather than inner content when searching for the right woman.

This is because “men are moved by what they see.”

You should not emphasize on looks alone, if you live in this present generation, where everything seems to be artificial.

Instead your focus should be on trust, character, faithfulness, truth, simplicity and all other attribute we sometimes neglect.

She is beautiful, yes, but is that her chiefly asset?

It isn’t about your ego

This aspect speaks more in helping to keep that woman after you have found her.

 A lot of men, both single and married still wear their egos like a second skin.

Yes! You have the authority in your home; but it is good you listen her opinion. For what it’s worth, she deserves it.

Respect is everything

I agree with the quote “respect is reciprocal”. But, you work to earn trust.

If you tone down on your ego, you would respect your woman.  Women being who they are will be loyal to you.

Also, become the man she desires.

Any woman, who does not respect her man, is a fair-weather friend. Watch it; she might just be in for the money or something else favourable to her.


This is the most crucial factor in finding and keeping that woman.

Compatibility is important in every relationship. It is not compulsory you find a 100% compatible partner, but some key areas would blossom even a dying relationship.

Compatibility isn’t a jigsaw puzzle; it involves finding that woman who shares similar views on important issues.

Or someone whose lifestyle is aligns with yours.

Even though opposites attract, there shouldn’t be a lot of opposites flying around, as this is a foremost sign of a dysfunctional relationship.

Don’t forget, compatibility shouldn’t be a 100%!

Finding the right woman isn’t as difficult as men make it seem.

Follow the above steps to the latter.

And be sure, you will smile to the altar.