Variety, they say, is the spice of life. While it applies to food, among other things, it also applies to the different kinds of friends you should have. Humans are social animals. Our brains and bodies are wired in such a way that we cannot but have friends. Those who think that they can go on forever with no one are confusing independence with isolation. Now, considering that we really have no choice but to mingle with other people, it’s only logical that we do it right.

After all, why have one type of friend when you can have different kinds? Now, don’t get it wrong. We are not saying that you should grow an unnecessarily large group of friends. A small valuable group of people is always better than a huge bunch of noisemakers. However, if you’re looking to add a little bit of spice to your life and enjoy the beauty in variety, you should befriend these kinds of people:

  1. The Knowledgeable One

Unless you’re a bit of a narcissist, it shouldn’t hurt you to find out that you don’t know everything. Our knowledge as a species is very limited. However, we can always make up for it by learning different things and complementing each others’ knowledge. For this reason, among others, it is important to have a friend who is knowledgeable. This type of friends can provide financial advice, give you tidbits of information on certain topics of interest and usually, they’re right.

  1. The Brutally Honest One

The truth is one of the hardest pills to swallow. However, like most kinds of pills, it exists specifically to make our lives better. So, even if it is bitter, you shouldn’t shy away from it. That’s why you need a friend that can tell you the truth every now and then without mincing words. They’ll help you see your flaws, mistakes and places you can make corrections.

  1. The “Different” One

By different, we mean you should be polar opposites. This kind of people are the ones who often nice enough to be friends with you, but they are very different from you. They’re the extrovert to your introvert and they’re the street music to your Mozart. Now, with them, you might need a bit of tolerance because they don’t always share your likes. However, having friends like this can take you out of your bubble. You’d get to understand how a different mind works, and it could help you build empathy such that you can relate better with other people. 

  1. The Adventurous One

Especially if you’re introverted, this type of friend is a no-brainer. Our world is incredibly huge, and it has so many different beautiful places just waiting to be explored. If you keep a friend that’s adventurous, they’re likely to help pull you out of your shell.

  1. The Foreign One

You might not be able to experience every culture on earth. However, it is still important to keep a foreign friend. It will make you much more sensitive to the ways of people different from your own folks.

In Conclusion

Your friends should be impactful, not just space occupiers. However, so should you.