Your leisure is that precious time when you really don’t have too much to do. It is the perfect time to explore hobby ideas because you’re not burdened by work or school or any of those responsibilities. During that period, how you spend your time is entirely up to you.

Instead of just sleeping throughout, many people use this time to practice their favourite hobbies. Depending on what it is, these pastimes can be very rewarding. The only trouble here is that some of these hobbies can be pretty energy-sapping and so financially draining that they become a chore. 

As such, we did a little digging around and found out a few hobby ideas you could consider if you need a bit of distraction. They are cost-effective and fun. They include:

  1. Calligraphy

Calligraphy refers to writing in a very specific manner that is considered visually appealing. Apart from helping to make your handwriting better, this hobby is a great way to pass your time. You could also use it to write cute letters to loved ones. Your woman will always appreciate a little show of affection.

  1. Mobile photography

Normal photography is very well-known. Unfortunately, with equipment prices going as high as hundreds of thousands, it is quite expensive. Mobile photography, on the other hand, is inexpensive. After getting your smartphone, all you need is a little creativity. Alongside that, get some editing apps, and you’re good to go.

  1. Create a blog

Not everyone writes to make money now. If you’re looking for a great way to pass your time, this is it. Creating a blog would help you to exercise your creative muscles. You’d get the opportunity to think of new designs and writings so you can fill up the blog appropriately. 

  1. Learn Chess

Chess is regarded as one of the most strategic games known to man. There are several thousand moves to make in the game. Apart from this, the game requires quite a daunting amount of concentration. However, it is still worth it. Besides being fun, this hobby idea is inexpensive and it goes quite a distance in improving your brain. 

  1. Learn to Play an Instrument

Spending time exploring or learning how to play a musical instrument is one of the best ways to get through your spare time. You might not necessarily become the next Mozart or Beethoven. However, you’ll have some fun in being entertained by yourself and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re learning music, which is beautiful.


There are several hundred ways you could spend your time. No matter which one you end up picking, ensure that it’s one that you love. The last thing you want is to escape from work to come and face another chore.