Some men who have had bitter relationship experiences in the past tend to suggest that for a youngman trying to find his feet, the single life is the most appropriate as it would enable him to reduce the stress associated with heartbreaks and focus his time and energy on building his future.

However, there comes a time in a man’s life when he begins to wonder whether he will ever settle down and how it would happen, especially if he had previously spent the better part of his youth acting as a ‘player’. If you fall under this category, then this article is definitely for you.

Here is a list of the kind of girls you should stay away from if you want to avoid getting engaged to the wrong partner and reducing your life span by 10 years in the process.

The student: at this stage in your life what you need is someone on the same wavelength with you. Students can be fun and can also be very cute when compared to more mature ladies but they usually have a lot of other options and this is a point in their life when they want to catch fun and get to know the opposite sex better. So my advice for you is to avoid getting into a serious relationship with a student unless you both have a clear understanding of where you want the relationship to go.

The club freak: don’t get me wrong, I am not throwing shades at girls that like to go clubbing during weekends. What I am actually doing is protecting innocent boys from wild girls. if you are not the type of boy that can handle such a relationship then its best for you to avoid such girls. There a number of other boys out there that can handle such girls and will not get into a serious relationship with an introvert; leave those girls for those boys.

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The Instagram celebrity: trust me; I have first-hand experience on this particular one. Instagram celebrities are exactly what their name spells out: celebrities on a social media platform called Instagram. Social media platforms like Instagram are enabled for messages to be sent from sender to receiver and are skillfully designed to encourage feedback. This means that when you date a girl with 10,000 followers on Instagram, you should keep it in mind that there are probably at least 10 people sending her thirsty messages every day and unless she is 100% into the relationship, she will likely get distracted.

Your friend’s ex-girlfriend: seriously, do you expect me to tell you why you shouldn’t date your friend’s ex-girlfriend?

The materialistic girlfriend: please, if you are rich and money is not an issue for you, this last part is not for you. This is because it is not a bad thing to lavish time and money on somebody you love. If you are still hustling like me however, you should avoid a partner that makes it difficult for you to have any savings.

Now this is it, five kinds of girls you should avoid as a bachelor looking to settle down. Do you agree with the writer?

By Uptownbros