Before we begin dissecting the topic of being self-reliant, it is important that you understand one thing. A network of friends or acquaintances who can help you out when needed is absolutely priceless. There is hardly a substitute for them, and much of human society is built on the ability to share, collaborate, and provide help. 

However, there are times when you just need to be able to do things by yourself. You can’t always depend on others to help you accomplish tasks. Occasionally, you have to be self-reliant. To help you do that, we’ll be giving you five quick tips:

  1. Don’t shy away from responsibility

Now, we’re not saying that you should go ahead to accept leadership roles you’re not well suited to take. What we are saying is that you should take responsibility for your life. The next time you spend a ridiculous amount of money on something you could’ve just walked away from, don’t be so quick to run to someone to “give” you money. In the same vein, when bad things that aren’t necessarily your fault happen to you, don’t just sit around complaining. Take charge! 

  1. Learn to make decisions on your own

For some people, it has become so bad that they can hardly decide what to eat without consulting their friends first. Being self-reliant starts with the little things. Start making your own decisions. If you’re too scared to go for the big stuff like where to settle down, you can start small. Pick out clothes without consulting your partner. Prepare dinner without asking your roommate what he’s eating just so you can have the same thing. Make decisions on your own!

  1. Acquire useful skills

If you’re going to be self-reliant, you can’t keep expecting people to do every single thing for you. So, learn skills that’ll be useful to you. You could start by picking up things that you’ll need at home. For example, learn how to fix a spoilt socket or a bad generator plug. You could also do the same for your car so that you don’t have to call your mechanic for the slightest issues. This goes a very long way in making you self-reliant. 

  1. Don’t make a habit of comparing yourself

One of the biggest enemies of a self-reliant person is an excessive need for validation from others. The last thing you want to do is to constantly compare yourself to other people to see if “you’re as good as they are.” To be truly self-reliant, focus on your own life and how you can improve it. Work according to your clock.

  1. Take care of your body

You wouldn’t be able to accomplish much on your own if your body is falling apart. So, try to take care of your body. Eat properly, workout often, and drink as much water as possible every day. Besides giving you a great body, which makes you more useful to yourself, it also has numerous benefits. 


If you’ve spent your entire life completely dependent on the benevolence of others, going through these steps might be hard for you. But it’s not impossible. Try them out, starting today, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve! 


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