Apart from ridiculously high amounts of work, few things are quite as frustrating as having a bad co-worker. These types of people are often disliked by virtually everyone at the office that has to relate with them every day. Among other things, they can be lazy, condescending, unsupportive, and even downright annoying.

As unpleasant as they sound, they might not always be the other person. In fact, the person you might have in mind right now might not exactly be the bad co-worker at your office. Unfortunately, the bad co-worker could as well be you. Most times, we get so fixated on other peoples’ faults that we forget to look at ourselves to see what we’re doing wrong. As such, we’ll be listing a few general symptoms of bad co-workers. If you find yourself having one or more of these, sorry, man, you just might be the bad guy at your office.

  1. You are constantly dumping work on people at the last minute

Nobody likes to deal with avoidably difficult deadlines. Even those who prefer working under pressure would much rather be the ones to put themselves under pressure. So, if you are constantly dumping work on your co-workers’ desks when it can be avoided, the chances are that that co-worker considers you the bad one.

  1. You get overly personal

Don’t get it wrong. A little sharing could go a long way in building the team and helping to strengthen bonds. However, you are at work. Things should never get so personal that they make your co-workers uncomfortable. Just imagine how you would feel if you asked your colleague why they’re looking so tired and they go on to explain the details of how they spent the entire night having sexual relations with their partner. It is the truth, but a simple “I was up late last night attending to personal engagements” would’ve provided just the right amount of information. So, if you are constantly getting too personal and making your colleagues uncomfortable, you are most likely the bad co-worker.

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  1. You do not take criticism properly

In a work environment, you are bound to get criticized. It is absolutely necessary if you are to grow. However, if you are constantly trying to defend yourself in the face of criticism, instead of improving, then you are probably the bad one.

  1. You complain a lot

No matter what you are going through, nobody likes it when you complain too much. It might seem insensitive. However, people have problems of their own too. So, when you constantly talk about your own problems alone, you’ll be considered the bad co-worker. Just in case you’re curious, a good sign that you’re complaining too much is when your listener is no longer listening to you and is consistently trying to end the conversation.

  1. You are very negative

If you find yourself being unsatisfied with everything from suggestions to ideas to that new guy in the next office, you are too negative. Your co-workers would spot this very quickly. While it might seem like you are just expressing your opinion or your dissatisfaction, the truth is that it still kinda makes you rather unpleasant.

In Conclusion

If you find yourself exhibiting one or many of these traits, do not despair. It doesn’t make you the worst person on earth. Simply apologize where necessary and commit to getting better every day.