Have you ever had any cases of bad first impressions? If yes, you’ll know that they’re not particularly pleasant. It could be with a potential partner, a colleague at work, or even a lecturer at school. Regardless of who they are, during those moments, we often wish we could take back all we said or did.

Alas! Things aren’t always that simple. You really only get one chance to make a good first impression. But, and here’s where things get interesting, it’s not over yet. Just because the person got the wrong impression at first doesn’t mean that’ll be their final impression of you. You can still fix bad first impressions. How? Let’s take a look:

  1. Decide whether or not it’s worth the trouble

Now, before you go off obsessing about someone who might have the wrong opinion of you, you need to first know if they’re worth it. Is it someone you’ll constantly see at work? Is it a friend at school whose view of you will be tainted throughout your stay at the university? If it’s not a person you’re unlikely to meet, don’t worry too much about it. The chances are that they’ll forget before the day runs out. However, it’s still polite to offer an apology when necessary.

  1. Apologize immediately or as soon as you can

Maybe you were inebriated when you said those uncanny words. Maybe you really did think that joke was inappropriate. Whatever the cause, as soon as you realize you’ve done the wrong thing, apologize to the person. Take total responsibility for your actions instead of trying to get out of the situation.

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  1. Don’t dwell too much on your mistakes

As charming as it might seem, nobody really likes someone who is always talking about how he messed up at something. If the person already accepted your apology the first time, there’s no need to bring it back up continually. Depending on what you did, the person would probably rather just forget. If you’re always bringing it up, you would complicate issues.

  1. Pivot

This essentially means that you should switch and show them a different part of your personality. Instead of merely apologizing, let them see that there are other good parts of you too. If you started out by being excessively mean and naggy, you can become nice, warm, and accommodating. It might not erase the memory, but it’ll ensure that they don’t judge you based on that.

  1. Remain consistent

If you want to prove to someone that you truly aren’t the mean little bug they thought you were at first, you need to be consistent. Don’t be nice to them today and shower insults tomorrow. That would only do more harm than good. So, remain consistent in the way you would rather be seen.


As I said, the first impression isn’t always the last impression. You can still make amends even if you only made bad first impressions initially.