“The more, the merrier.” This phrase has been spoken on the lips of hundreds of thousands of people across the world. So much so that some have even come to accept it as a way of life, amassing as many numbers as they can. However, the truth is that there is still a lot to be gained from keeping a small circle of friends.

Yes, with a ton of followers on social media and a lot of contacts on your mobile device, there are a number of advantages you could enjoy. But, that is just choosing quantity over quality. If you were to scrutinize those you call friends right now, wouldn’t a chunk of them fall into the acquaintance zone?

Anyway, just in case you didn’t know, sometimes, it is a lot better to just keep your circle small. If you’re still curious as to the reasons, we’ll give you four of them.

  1. It helps to avoid drama and the ensuing stress

Now, assuming that you happen to have a lot of friends on your list and you actually intend to treat them all as friends, you’re not likely to have that gesture 100% reciprocated. Where there are human relationships, there will be conflicts. The bigger the relationships, the bigger the conflicts. This is because humans are diverse and dynamic. So, unless your friends happen to be a single-minded entity straight out of a sci-fi movie franchise, you will disagree at some point.

If your circle is big, the disagreements will come pretty often, and they will be tiring. However, with a smaller friendship circle, you’re not likely to have to deal with these very often unless you chose the wrong friends in the first place.

  1. You’ll have quality

A large social circle is good in its own way. But, it is not exactly possible, or wise, to share all your problems, plans, goals, and ambitions with them. Apart from getting disagreed with more often than you need, you’ll probably not get quality advice compared to when you speak to a few people who truly care about you.

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With a smaller circle of friends, you can build deeper bonds instead of trying to stretch yourself over seventy different people.

  1. You would spend less

On birthdays and other special occasions, you’ll most likely have to give your friends gifts. This is not compulsory, but it is definitely a nice thing to do to show you care about the friendship. Even apart from gifts on special occasions, it is only logical that friends would organize hangouts at some point. With fewer friends, you won’t have to spend so much in these areas. This leads to a relatively significant amount of money saved.

  1. You’ll have more time

In between constantly talking to multiple people at a time and attending different events, so you don’t disappoint anyone, you really wouldn’t have that much time for yourself with a large friendship circle. However, if you can keep your circle small, you’ll be able to spend a significant amount of time catering to your own needs.


Now, you need to understand that this is not an excuse for you to push everyone out of your life. However, for a number of reasons, as stated here, you need to keep your friendships small. Just have two or three people you can really call friends. Everyone else can fit snugly into the acquaintance room.