Every now and then, we must admit, it is pretty fun to have a sip from a tall glass of wine. Among some people, it is considered a sign of class, especially when you treat yourself to spirits of the highest quality. Alongside that, it can be a great beverage when you’re having a celebration of sorts with your adult friends. However, excessive alcohol intake is quite real, and it is very damaging too.

Now, you shouldn’t take this the wrong way. Unless you’re already a victim of the issues that come along with excessive alcohol intake, you might not necessarily need to cut off alcohol from your life/diet completely. However, if you don’t already have issues with this intoxicating beverage, you should probably limit your intake before it becomes an actual problem. Here’s why:

  1. It negatively impacts your sexual health

Many people think that alcohol is the “feel-good” beverage that takes you to paradise and away from your worries with a few sips from the glass. As such, they often down a few bottles before they get into the bedroom with their wives. The truth is that this opinion is actually quite wrong. How? Well, alcohol could lead to erectile problems in you. Alongside that, for your woman, it could lead to a number of pregnancy complications that you certainly don’t want to deal with in your marriage.

  1. It could lead to a deteriorated physical appearance

More often than not, people who engage in excessive alcohol intake do not engage in quite as much physical exercise as they should. As such, over time, they get stuck with obesity. Their stomach size increases considerably, and other parts of their body follow suit. The worst part is that it isn’t particularly easy to get rid of this weight. If you drink too much alcohol, this is definitely something to worry about.

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  1. It dangerously increases your sugar level

When you take too much alcohol, the chances are that you’re consuming an incredibly significant amount of sugar in one bottle. Eventually, your pancreas won’t be able to keep up or produce enough insulin to take care of the sugar. When your sugar levels increase like this, it could lead to diabetes.

  1. You could become addicted

Addiction is not a pretty thing to deal with. But, if you continue drinking alcohol every chance you get, just like coffee, the chances are that your brain will start relying on it to function. You’ll be drunk and unable to function with your family more than half the time, and you’ll be spending ridiculous amounts of money on spirits every day. Is this really what you want?

Bottom Line

The definition of a moderate amount of alcohol varies from person to person. However, if we were to advise you, we’d say that if you must take alcohol, you shouldn’t have more than a bottle per week. That way, you can keep your alcohol intake at a normal level.