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Surprising Benefits of Healthy Sex

Sex is a huge part and a huge feature of human life and activities. It often seems to be everywhere and to have an underlying influence in nearly everything we do. And what’s more, people don’t need an excuse to have sex or to want it. But it seems that several recent surveys put together might have the potential to strengthen even further, as if such a thing were needed, people’s desire to get busy.

To avoid beating about the bush (excuse the pun), healthy sex boosts our healthiness. So read on to find some of the benefits of healthy sex.

This means that while relieving your stress, it also puts you in a good mood. Oxytocin promotes feelings of well-being and happiness. So now you know why you feel giddy, comfortable and safe when you cuddle with someone.

It’s more than the coital act that brings benefits, though. Studies of older adults found that holding hands, hugging, kissing and mutual stroking also contribute immensely to a greater quality of life.

Sex can ward off depression, too. Studies show that men and women who have intercourse with their partners have greater satisfaction with their mental health.

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It improves sleep
Prolactin, a hormone that relaxes you, is also released after an orgasm. The combination of prolactin and all the rest of the “feel-good” hormones are why most people sleep better after sex.

To get the highest amount of prolactin, science suggests having an orgasm with a partner if possible. Research shows that the level of prolactin in both men and women after intercourse can be “400% greater than that following masturbation.”

It boosts immunity
Having regular sex may also help you fight off disease. A study of 276 healthy volunteers at the University of Pittsburgh found that those who engaged regularly in sex were the least likely people to catch colds.

We are not sure exactly why this is, but part of it might have something to do with the fact that sex has many similar features with exercising. Think of it this way: it means you work out regularly.

It decreases the risk of prostate cancer
Frequent ejaculation appears to be linked to a lower risk for prostate cancer. A 2004 study published in the British Medical Journal studied the sex life of over 50,000 American males between the ages of 40 and 75. Men reporting 21 or more ejaculations a month were less likely to get prostate cancer than men who ejaculated four to seven times a month. A follow-up study published in 2016 showed the same results.

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Now, a bit of a downside…

It would appear that some of these health boosts are less effective with casual sex or hookups. One study of nearly 7,500 US college students across 14 public universities found that those who had more hookups had lower levels of happiness and self-esteem, and higher levels of depression and anxiety.

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Credit: Guardian

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