Today, more and more people are trying to push the narrative that nobody owes anyone anything. The entire purpose of that ideology is to help people let go of their entitlement mentality and actually work hard to make something of and for themselves. Indeed, this cause is noble. But, if we’re being honest, everyone expects something from everyone else. This is especially true in a place of business where there are certain things your boss expects from you at work.

But, what are those things your boss expects from you at work? Should you even be bothered about them if you’re already delivering well on your job? Well, yes, you should be bothered about them. Just don’t do it obsessively. And to answer the first question, here are the things your boss expects from you at work:

  1. Commitment and enthusiasm

The truth is that most of the work you do at your place of business is to help to bring your boss’s dreams to pass. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If your company exists to help starving children in Africa or to alleviate poverty, that is certainly a noble cause. Regardless of what the purpose is though, your boss expects you to be committed and enthusiastic about your work so that the purpose can be achieved. Besides, that’s one of the many things that would help you function optimally.

  1. Ideas and suggestions

Constructive criticism is excellent. It helps to point out the flaws inherent in our plans and to let us see that they could be better. Any reasonable individual would appreciate it if it comes in the right way. However, your boss doesn’t just want you to criticize. If you do that too much, it will paint you out as a negative individual. So, alongside your criticisms, your boss expects you to be able to provide ideas and suggestions to help improve the company.

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With that being said, you should know that every now and then, your boss will send bits of criticisms your way. You must be able to handle them like a professional. If you’re not too sure how to do that, it’s fine. We’ve explained it and you can check it out here.

  1. Continuous growth

It would be very heartbreaking if you remain in the same position you were five years ago at your place of work. Not only is it bad for you, but it is bad for the company as well. So, alongside everything else, your boss expects you to grow continuously. In some companies, they might make policies to ensure this happens. Some of the policies could include taking promotional exams or compulsory development courses after a stipulated period. In others, they might not have these written down concretely. Even if your company is the latter, do not make the mistake of thinking that you can remain stagnant forever.

  1. Results

This one is a bit obvious, but it is still important for us to mention it. The labour market is getting more competitive every single day. People are constantly on their toes, thinking of the best ways to get ahead of the competition. You cannot afford to be the element that sets your company back. So, you should always work to get results. You might get rewarded for efforts every now and then, but that won’t always be the case. You know why? Because your boss is expecting you to bring results to the table.

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