Everyone one would have something to say about what his alma mater did for or to him. With the benefit of hindsight it may be quite nostalgic if you cast your mind back at the moments that were lived in that place where once you spent a great chunk of your life. To some people, their alma mater was some sort of a confinement that housed an even inner confinement- having guardrooms where they were practically ‘domesticated’ from their natural delinquent tendencies and to many others it was a free, roller coaster amusement park. To yet some other people it was a place of all their disreputable pranks.

To the rest, it is was partly a platform where they met lifetime friends and best mentors/teachers, built relationships, won their first prizes…got their last flogging; the ground of self-realisation for the chaps who got told they are intelligent and the ones who were never praised so; heaven’s gates where God was sought and found in the company of godly mates and to some others, the windows of hell for their reckless lifestyles. But whatever your alma mater was to you, there is surely one thing common to all those who ever went through any level of formal education – everyone learnt one or two unforgettable lessons.

Reminiscing on these things should do more that bring tears to one’s eyes. Actually, they call for absolute stock-taking, insomuch that efforts should now be made towards readjustments and improvements of that place. The lack of this has been the blight of our alma maters over the years. We have taken so much that we forget to give back, reconstruct, renovate and even help grow that educational system – be it a government or privately owned school. Nothing can be too little or too much to give back to that place that supplied those lessons that built you – if they actually did. Everyone owes it to his alma mater to, at least, identify with the old students association and join in whatever cause they are up to for the enhancement of the quality of lives of the current students.

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Such efforts come with attendant blessings. The truth is, much more than your alma mater being one of your biggest brands, it now houses destinies that hang in there for some sort of safety. These young ones hope to be handed what would help them become what they wish to be, and those who are sensitive know that giving others the past you never had is sharing in the rewards of their future.

So, what would you rather do?