Gone are the days

When men were little children

Then writing was fancied

Especially by starters

Kindergartens, and even toddlers

Not for any other reasons

But for the sake of writing

Just anything that comes to mind


Gone are the days

When pages of books

Are just the right place

To deposit some scribbles

Not minding if it says anything

Anything at all!

Who cares if the whole pages

Are wasted for nothing per say


When the walls of buildings,

Toilets, tables, chairs and what more,

Aren’t spared of writings

Often seen different shapes

And sizes of characters

Describing whatever the writer

Has chosen to put there

Who cares!


Gone are the days

To reminisce our past

Writing escapades

Though we are better

Learned and built

Only giving off some smiles

When those days come

To mind for a thought

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