Scientific discoveries have revolutionised how humans can control their body. This discovery is against the belief which emphasised that the body is an object and cannot be enthrall under conscious control.

Today, science has shown that the body is a constant flow of energy and information.

Imagine, your body changing as it reshuffles and exchanges its atoms and molecules ? These processes happen faster than the speed of light.

Harness Your Mind Transformative Power'

Mind over body

The body at every point experiences transformation starting from early morning to evening when it goes to rest. The fifty trillion cells in the body are involved in a continuous process of exchanging information as they keep the heart beating.

These processes are seamless, it requires your cells to digest your food, eradicate toxins, and protect you from infection and disease. They also carry out other countless functions that keep you active and alive everyday.

These processes may seem out of your conscious control, scientific studies shows that they can be subjected under control by the mind.

One basic principle to help in this control is emphasised in brain chemistry. And the principle says: “To think is to practice brain chemistry”.

Every emotion creates a molecule known as a neuropeptide. These neuropeptides travel throughout the body to connect  a receptor sites of cells and neurons.

The brain then takes the information sent to it by the neuron, converts it into chemicals that relates to what the physical body can use.

This response from the brain will  let you know if there’s trouble or celebration. The body is under the direct influence of these molecules as they flow through the bloodstream, delivering the energetic effect of what your brain thinks or feel.

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When you effectuate a sad mood, then you’ve sent messages to the brain that makes you stay sad.

An investigation inside your heart will show  molecules that cause stress and damage, such as excessive amounts of adrenaline and cortisol.

For happy people,  the analysis of their skin will show a huge amount of neuropeptides that have antidepressant effects, which modulate the immune system.

While for someone who is exhilarated, unbounded, and joyful; you will  find high level of interleukin and interferon, which serves as powerful anticancer drugs.