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By Francis Iwuchukwu

It is interesting to note from the outset, that you stand to gain nothing going back to your former boyfriend or girlfriend. This is because there is really nothing that is binding the two of you together.

Even, going by the popular adage that says ‘No dog goes back to its vomit’, it is clear that going back to your former lover has nothing good to offer you than destruction.

But the surprising thing is that in spite of rough experiences which have led to subsequent breakups, many people still want to return to their broken relationships.

Market your books

However, there are implications: It will make it difficult for you to move on: Chances are high, that if you take the decision to go back to your broken relationship, moving on for you will definitely be difficult. Even when true love approaches you, you would have been carried away by a passion you know within you is heading nowhere. By implication, going back to your broken relationship can actually derail you from going after a genuine one.

It gives you continued untrue hope:  Another disadvantage of going back to your old relationship is that you are never sure of where the relationship is heading to. This no doubt leads to an unstable state of mind and lack of direction.

Not wanting to see them with another person: The truth of the matter is that when you return to your ex, chances are, that seeing him or her with another person could portend danger and make you feel insecure. It would definitely be your intention that the new relationship they are into crumbles so that you can take full control of the situation  and this might really not go down well.

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Both of you cannot be friends:  The fact is that the both of you cannot be friends regardless of how you look at. A popular question being asked is, can you attend the wedding of your former boyfriend or girlfriend? Apart from this, I am even sure that you cannot share your secret with your ex and her new found love and it is a statement of fact, that friends are supposed to be available for each other.