Are you achieving your goals on social media or are you simply part of the crowd? Although most organisations now have departments that take care of social media, most of them have not successfully optimised its use. What they have succeeded in doing is having a website that serves as an online brochure or probably creating a Facebook page that doesn’t fully represent their organisation. How do we customise social media usage to meet our goals, whether as individuals or as corporate organisations?

Define your goal

Defining your goal is the foundation that defines your strategy and the type of platform you intend to use. For an organisation, information about your clients and other stakeholders will determine the content strategy and will even go as far as determining the structure of your website. For individuals, social media usage without clearly defined goals translates to sharing content without a sense of direction. When this is the case, one’s presence on social media will have little or no effect.

Become an authority

An authority is someone that people readily listen to, an expert whose views are taken as definitive. You become an authority on social media by building a level of trust as you consistently share verifiable facts and useful content with your audience over time. Be careful to avoid disseminating that is factually wrong or poorly presented. You should also pay attention to your spelling and grammar to avoid committing errors that will not only make you look incompetent but also turn people off.

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Let your profile represent you

When people view your profile what do they see? Do they see a well written profile that represents your organisation or your personality as an individual? Your online profile is a virtual representation of you or your organisation. Consequently, whatever you have on it should reflect who you are and what you represent. As a freelancer for instance, your profile will determine if you are going to get jobs or not. What the prospect sees is your profile and if it doesn’t represent you, you need to revisit it and make it original.

Integrate your channels

Don’t ever have a website without social media integration. You are making a wrong assumption if you expect the public to discover your website without viable social media presence. Proper integration of social media channels can fetch you increased traffic on your website or blog.

Join online groups and forums

Groups and forums present an easy platform to amplify your message. They are usually populated with like-minded individuals who share ideas and information with one another. As earlier hinted, the group or forum you join will be determined by your goal. For instance, if you are a business development officer, you should join groups and forums on business development that will be of use and be most beneficial to you. You can get relevant information and professional opinion in such groups as regards areas of your job that you are yet to get familiar with.

Paying attention to the issues highlighted above will help you maximise the use of social media as you align your social media activities with your personal and organisational goals.

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