Everyone loves the satisfaction that comes with being a star performer. Here is the concluding part of our article on how you can achieve this status in your sphere of calling. Please click here to read the first part.

8. Manage your time

There is time and season for everything. But you have to ascertain the time and then manage yourself within it. If you manage time well, you can manage money effectively. A reason why people have poor financial situation is because they do not manage their time well. Time is intangible, we don’t see it; we only see what the hands of the clock are saying. But we can see money, smell and touch it. However, if you can manage the intangible time, then you can manage the tangibles effectively. You were given many assignments to carry out, but you can idle within time and not achieve all you were asked to do by just loafing; that is a horrible thing to do because time is meant to be turned over into results on a daily basis.

9. Focus

After you set your priorities and you are able to manage time, you have to be able to focus on what you are doing. You have to learn the art of focusing. As simple as it sounds, it is one of the most difficult things to do. It is not easy maintaining a laser focus on what you are doing and not be distracted.

There are psychological noises everywhere, even in your own thoughts there will be stuff demanding your attention. But you must have the ability to sieve through the myriad of things and focus on what needs to be done at any point in time.

10. Manage people and your environment

You have to manage the people around you so you can be productive. You have to learn to say, ‘No’ or promise to check out their requests later, but not now because you need to do certain things at this time.

You need to manage your environment too, there are some environments that aid productivity, and there are some that inhibit it. You have to position yourself in an environment that aids productivity, for example the way you organise your system, table and workspace. You will see some desktops littered with all manners of files, folders and applications; experts say you don’t get productive in a cluttered environment. So there is a way you arrange your system and workspace that aids productivity because performance is also environment-driven.

11. Review your work

Top performers have reviews ingrained in their system. If you have done something you should look at it again and ask yourself questions: Is this the best I can come up with or can I do better? They review their day; how has my day been, how have I fared? You have to be able to review your own performance before you are assessed by your superiors. You should also review your day, week, month, quarter and year. This helps you to know what you have accomplished so that you can report it and get the confidence boost to do more. It also helps you to know what is outstanding so you can pursue it.

12. Self-discipline

All the highlighted pointers that make a star performer are a matter of discipline. After you have taken note of all the points, if you are not disciplined enough to put them into practice, they will all filter away. Self-discipline is what gets you started and keeps you going even when you don’t feel like it. In fact, one constant principle from all the books I have read on success is self-discipline.

How many excuse-makers do you know that are successful? Nobody claps for what you plan or intend to do. You only get applauded for what you have done, and it takes discipline to get difficult things done because you have to take tough decisions and be rigorous in your thinking. It is not even easy to think through a process, it takes discipline.

13. The God Factor

Life is full of ups and downs; so there are many instances when both productive and idle people will experience highs or lows. It is the way each individual responds to these varying situations in life that usually separates them. When productive people face issues that are beyond them, they know where to turn because they know they must deliver results. The loafers, on the other hand, will merely cave in and turn back saying it is difficult because they do not think that they have to deliver. So, even as the loafer also has a source, he/she doesn’t draw much from there because it doesn’t seem to matter.

Star performers know their source and they draw strength and inspiration from there to carry on because they are committed to optimising their performance.


Photo credit: © Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Corbis