Electioneering is here again. In preparation for the 2015 general election, the political scene has switched into top gear as politicians are making frantic efforts to ensure that their preferred candidates assume the much coveted political offices.

Even as this political frenzy is on, it is necessary to educate people on the process of joining a political party. A cursory survey of sincere citizens who desire to play more than passive role in Nigerian politics shows that while they desire to become members of their preferred political party, they are oblivious of the process involved.

This piece explains what it takes to join the All Progressives Congress (APC) or the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the two major political parties in Nigeria.

The process is explained in the proceeding paragraphs:

First of all, joining a political party entails registering in the locality where one lives. Those desiring to be members of any political party in Nigeria are required to visit the ward headquarters of their chosen party. At the party ward headquarters, the party’s ward secretary provides a form which is to be filled by the prospective member and submitted together with the required fee.

A membership card is processed and issued to the prospective member after submitting the necessary documentation. It is when a membership card is issued that one can confidently assert that one is a member of a political party.

APC Registration

Nigerians wishing to join the “Change message being preached by the APC should visit their respective wards to obtain registration form.

After registration, details will be given to the prospective members concerning meeting times, responsibility and code of conduct.

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To make the registration seamless and easy, the party encourages prospective members to register online at http://apcregistration.com/index.php/new_member.


PDP Registration

The membership process of PDP also starts from the ward level. On its official website, the party, which prides itself on its “Transformation Agenda”, itemises how a prospect can become a member. You can view this at http://peoplesdemocraticparty.com.ng/?page_id=69.

Joining a political party is one of the steps towards making your own contribution to the development of the country.