So many books on how the mind affects our life exist. But many people are still engrossed with negative thoughts, which have led them to negative self-talk and habits.

Sometimes, changing the way you think is a way of achieving peace.

You can be at  peace in your mind when your thinking is positive.

Simple ways to achieve this include:

Identify your negative self-talk and beliefs

You should identify your negative beliefs. These beliefs start as thoughts, and because you’ve meditated on them, they’ve become your reality.

Start by writing them on a sheet of paper. Follow these practical steps in identifying your negative self-talk and beliefs:

Fold a piece paper in half length, then unfold it.

On the left side, write a list of those self-limiting statements that come to you as thoughts before you make them as statements. Some of the popular ones you hear around are:

I can’t afford a vacation.”

“It’s hard to lose weight.”

“I’ll never meet the right man/woman for me.”

Try to be spontaneous and real to yourself when writing these statements. It needs to be a stream of conscious statements you are familiar with.

Spend a few days to pay keen attention to what you’ve been saying and your thoughts.

Ask a friend to listen, too. You’ll be shocked at what his response will be when you show him what you’ve written.

Create affirmations out of those beliefs

For every negative thought and belief you wrote, write a new statement that transforms it  into a positive thought.

You can do this by seeking ways of making what seems to be impossible possible.

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You can discuss with people that have gone through what you are going through to get a solution.

Also, you should  hold on to a personal philosophy. When you discover your personal philosophy, it will be a weapon against negative thoughts that might want to hinder you from attaining your goals.

Your personal philosophy could be externally motivated. It could be spiritual, whatever it is, you need to hold on to it.

Read them to yourself and memorise all the positive statements.

Fight the negative thoughts and beliefs with the new affirmation statements

Stick the paper with the positive statements where you can see it often.

Some of the places you can stick it are: above the toilet paper roll, over the kitchen sink, in your room, library, office cubicle, etc.

Read your affirmations from time to time. Do it as an occasional reminder with the mindset  you’re transforming your negative thoughts.

If you stray in the direction of negative thoughts take steps to stop yourself. Transform those negative thoughts into the positive.

Also make sure you say the positive thoughts aloud until it drowns the negative thought.

Ask your family and friends to help you by pointing out any negative self-descriptions when you say them.

You  become your confession

You become what you confess.
This is because your subconscious learns from what your body does. Also learn to connect yourself, psyche and intuition  with what you do as you make positive confessions.

The more consistent you are in confessing the positive statements, the more it becomes an unconscious competence.

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