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How to Cope if We Get a Second Lockdown

Towards the end of 2020, the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic started. We were initially recoring lower cases of the virus per day. But, all of a sudden, the numbers shot up and we started having up to a thousand recorded cases every day of the week. Last week, the Nigerian government mentioned the need to avoid a second lockdown at all costs.

However, the truth is that if it does get to that stage, there will be nothing we can do besides getting another lockdown. It would simply be the logical thing to do. Although there is no information about the government enforcing a second lockdown, it would still be very wise to prepare for it. Here are a couple of things you can do to cope with staying at home all day just in case it happens.

  1. Stock up on supplies

Last year, the pandemic caught us unawares. It was practically impossible to tell that things would get so bad and we would have thousands of cases. So, the chances are that you might have had difficulty getting food and other supplies in your home. Even if you could go to the market, you would have been met with an unsavoury crowd at the venue. Right now, the best line of action is to fill your home up with things you might need. These should include food items that do not perish so quickly. Simply ensure that you have enough food at every point in time.

  1. Tend to your relationship

The first point was to help prepare for a second lockdown before it happens. This one will help you manage if it eventually happens. Being stuck at home, away from your significant other for extended periods, is certainly not going to work wonders for your relationship. The chances are that your conversations will grow shorter and farther in between than you’d care to handle. As much as you can, you want to avoid this. So, if you’re not living with each other, in a second lockdown, you’ll have to make conscious efforts to talk as often as possible. You can call, or you can text or have video conversations. Just ensure that you remain as close as possible in our socially distant world.

  1. Exercise often

So, you accidentally let yourself go in the last lockdown and you never fully recovered. It’s fine. You can always pick yourself up again. If a second lockdown happens, you want to make sure that you create a solid workout routine for yourself that works at home. You could also add a diet plan to it. Just ensure that you do your best to keep your body in shape and to remain healthy. Remember that an excellent immune system is one of your best weapons against the virus.

  1. Boost your productivity levels

Getting through 2020 with all its craziness was a bit of a challenge if we’re being honest. Some might say that getting through it is an achievement in itself. This year, however, it’s important that you look beyond simply surviving and try to live instead. To do that, you must consciously work towards being more productive. Take a course, learn a new skill, and boost your work rate if you’re already employed. Simply do your best to achieve more. 

  1. Stay in touch with friends and family

Your lover isn’t the only person you should care about. If a second lockdown happens and you’re isolated from your family and friends, make sure to reach out to them as much as possible. Because you’re physically distant doesn’t mean you have to be entirely isolated.

In Conclusion

There’s a 50% chance that a second lockdown will not happen. Sadly, this means there’s another 50% chance that it will. If it does, your best bet is to be prepared. These tips will help you to do that.

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