Scientifically speaking, toxicity refers to the quality of a compound/element/object being able to cause damage to a living organism upon exposure. Several of these toxic elements abound in our world today. One of the most common is the smoke generated from burning fossil fuels in cars, generators, etc. However, one form of toxicity that does not have a place on the periodic table but is just as dangerous is a toxic person.

Like a toxic element, a toxic person can trigger a strain of adverse effects on you. They might not necessarily have you coughing and receiving supplements at the hospital after two months of exposure. However, they could affect your mental health, weigh you down emotionally in more ways than one and turn you into a downer. Unfortunately, these types of people are all around us. Their nature isn’t entirely their fault because something caused them to become that way. However, for the sake of your own health, you need to learn how you can deal with them. In this article, we’ll show you just how to do that.

  1. Don’t become excessively drawn into their ways

When you see a huge billowing mushroom cloud of smoke, would you walk into it simply because it looked artistic the last time you saw it in a painting? I’d take a wild guess and say no because that’s not a very smart thing to do. In the same vein, try not to get drawn into a toxic person’s ways. When they are complaining about everyone and everything, do not join them in complaining. When they are playing the victim under every circumstance, refusing to take responsibility, don’t become a part of that parade. As Nigerians would say, “fashi am joor!”

  1. Be aware of their effects on you

One of the worst things about toxicity in people is that over time, it starts to rub off on those who are surrounding them. Imagine having a colleague who believes very strongly that all women are gold diggers and treats them as such. Not very pleasant right? Now imagine yourself starting to think in like fashion too without knowing it – even worse. To prevent this from happening, try to do a bit of self-examination to see if you’re turning into them. If you are, you’ll need to get yourself back in line.

  1. Have a proper conversation with them about their actions

Just as a cloud of smoke does not have the consciousness to realize that it is dangerous to all mammals, toxic people don’t always know that they’re being toxic. So, talk to them. Unfortunately, one of the characteristics of a toxic person is that they aren’t always open to change. So, it might be a bit difficult, but a proper eye-opening conversation shouldn’t be too far out of the way.


Especially if the toxic person is a close friend of yours, it would be pretty difficult for you to merely “cope with them,” but it is not impossible. Nevertheless, if after all your efforts, you can no longer handle it and it begins to leave a bad imprint on your mental health, I’d advise that you reevaluate your friendship with them.