Sometimes, we wish we could control people and make them act like we want. This is often true in a superior-subordinate relationship. Sometimes it seems being a difficult person is one of the most important perks in being a manager of an organization. But truth is, employees do not see things from the point of view of the employer or manager making it difficult to understand what necessitates their perceived or actual behaviours.

However, whether we fully understand or not, having a good relationship with supervisors and superiors also enhances our productivity. So, here are tips on how to handle a difficult boss.

Make sure you are not the problem:

It is easy to see the flaws of others without recognizing yours. Sometimes, your boss might not be the problem. You need to know if you are meeting the minimum expectations your boss has of you. Yes, sometimes he might raise the bar too high, but the final decision to stay with the organization rests with you. So, if you are staying, make sure you are not a difficult employee.

Know what motivates your boss:

No matter how difficult he seems, there must be something that’ll loosen him up. Once you are able to determine what drives or motivates your boss, it becomes easier to see him as an individual with likes, passions and dreams and not the boogeyman hiding in your closet.

Keep your feelings away from your work:

No matter how bad your boss is, no matter how strained your relationship with him or her is, never let it affect your work. Your work might just be the only reason you are still in a job and if you are very good at that, then your boss will find you invaluable. Truth is, you are not there to be liked, but to add value.

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 Always be ahead:

No boss wants to remind you of your assignments over and over again, especially if the failure of said assignment will make them look bad. Staying a step ahead by delivering projects on time will give them the confidence they can trust you unsupervised.

Be a leader:

Sometimes a boss is difficult simply because he or she needs you to step up. But this point is even more important when you are dealing with an incompetent boss. It is important to note that the term “Manager” is not a synonym for “Know all,” so there can be incompetent bosses. But also note that stepping up does not mean outshining him. It means getting the work done.

Know the Triggers:

From your first day at work, you should identify what triggers your boss about you. If your boss hates your late submission of projects, then you should work extra hard to submit early enough.

Avoid them:

If all the above don’t work, then you should simply try to avoid them. While interviewing for a company, make sure you do your research about the organization to be sure you aren’t getting yourself into an abusive relationship.


Ejedegba Samuel