Market your books

If you want to be rich and wealthy, then you should not be spending your hard-earned income on luxury items. But what is the whole point of enslaving ourselves over job earnings/salaries and not get to enjoy the fruit of our labor? We all want big screen TVs, great cars, fashionable and great looking clothes with everything good that life has to offer. But this does not mean you must have them all, by spending your hard earned income all the time on luxuries.

You may say, “I deserve everything that I have right now, I have worked long and hard and what I buy with my money is none of anybody’s business.” Maybe that’s true, but then, what you currently spend money on, could probably lead you to debt and you may probably never reach your goals of financial wealth.

If you don’t keep track of your finances, spending left and right on things that can be considered frivolous or just because it’s on sale, you could be limiting your cash flow and upping our liabilities. Not only are you having unnecessary expenses, but this is not a good spending habit.

The spending habits we have formed over the years can cause a monstrous financial disaster, most especially in marriages. Every penny that you waste can pile up and force you to get loans, credit card debts and other financial problems. If only you had planned for the future, saved up by eliminating unnecessary expenditures, then you may have had enough money to invest in assets to generate passive income. The generated passive income can then be used to fund investments and luxury items.

Market your books

I personally feel that by watching and making a list of everything I spend, I would be able to account for every income that I have and have the cash flow to invest when an opportunity comes around. Using money that is taken from a loan may entail high interests that might probably be more of a liability – for those who go to banks.

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When you determine your needs, you know what you must and must not buy. I’m not saying that you should just be subsisting on bread and water, but you may have to forego eating frequently in fancy restaurants and getting takeouts most of the time. By cooking your own meals, you can portion them out to exactly what is needed for each meal and save more than 80 percent in costs and wastage.

The role of self-discipline is key. Seeing a large display saying that they have a sale is not mandatory for you to go inside the store and buy their products. If you don’t really have the need for it, then control yourself, especially if you don’t have the money to purchase such items and you will be buying the stuff on credit. Such reckless buying impulses can pile up and drown a person.

Having proper financial literacy and accountability, one will be able to curb the unnecessary expenditures. You will see that your money can be delved into more fruitful endeavors. You don’t really have to buy two pairs of shoes of the same colour, you don’t need to have numerous sunshades.

By taking actions, you will be able to control your finances and reduce the riotous spending. You will see that with self-discipline and control, your finances would have no where to go but up.

Over time, you will discover that becoming financially self-reliant will have its distinct advantages. You will be your own boss and you don’t have to be enslaved to money. Get out of the rat race now and be financially buoyant. You can save more, have more, enjoy more, and make your family more comfortable.

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