More often than not, people find themselves stuck in certain positions in life. It could be in a relationship that has lost its excitement. Sadly, it could even be a job that seemed much more promising at first. However, there are different ways that you can handle a job you don’t like. That would be our entire line of focus in this piece.

Four Different Ways to Cope with a Job you Don’t Like

Quitting that job isn’t necessarily the first and best line of action. There are a few things you can implement before you sign a resignation letter. Let’s take a look at how you can handle a job you don’t like.

1. Negotiate Better Working Conditions

If you currently hate your place of work, we’re willing to wager that that feeling isn’t coming out of thin air. There’s probably a recurring phenomenon that’s fueling your dislike for the job. Perhaps it’s your difficult boss. Maybe it’s the extra hours you constantly have to spend. It could even be the office that is assigned to you.

Whatever it is, talk to your boss about it. Let him/her understand (politely) that these things don’t make for a happy employee and they’re stifling your productivity. As unbelievable as it might seem, bosses aren’t particularly excited about unhappy employees. Give it a shot and they’re likely to listen to you.

2. Spice up your Workspace

This is particularly useful if you’re privileged to have an office to yourself. Add as many personal touches to it as are appropriate. You’ll want to ensure you don’t make any drastic changes to the office’s structural integrity. If you’re wondering if this can help, the truth is that it actually does. When you feel more comfortable at a place, you’re more likely to want to be there. It’s the same reason people redecorate a house when they move in. It’s also the same reason you want to lay down and have a nice nap right after cleaning and spicing up your bedroom.

3. Make a Few Office Friends

Another plausible reason you’ve grown to dislike your job is that you’re alone at it. As such, instead of keeping to yourself all day, every day, work on talking to new people. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated like exchanging political views. You can merely exchange a little small talk and let things grow from there. By opening yourself up to making new friends at work, you’re likely to start feeling a little better.

4. Work on your Mindset

The truth is, most of the time, how you feel about something or someone is a reflection of things you’ve allowed to build up in your mind. So, stop to consider if your job is really awful or maybe your mind has just grown to dislike it overtime for trivial reasons. If so, try to work on your mindset. Look for the good aspects of your job and hone in on those parts. Think of all the things you enjoy (even remotely) and place mental emphasis on them. It should go a long way in making the job a lot more bearable for you.


Making a career switch isn’t the easiest thing. If your job pays well and can be a better place for you, don’t rush into quitting it for this reason or that. See how best you can make it more bearable before you make any drastic decisions.


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