Leaders are faced with handling pressures in their everyday life. Anyone who finds it difficult to handle pressures could fall into depression. Pressure could come when a leader does not meet the expectation of his followers. It could be work pressure, financial or marital pressure; whichever,  a leader is expected to handle it with care.

The way a leader deals with pressure can tell you about their style of leadership. It also reveals his strength of character and convictions, what and whom they value, and whether or not they can be trusted.

Only a  few leaders work on relieving themselves from the pressure they  go through and still forge ahead to fulfill what is expected of them. Pressure is a part of life, it is an essential requirement for growth and productivity

People who resorted to taking their lives due to pressure got to a point where they were faced with situations that seemed impossible; they failed to handle it with care. And it led to them taking their lives. Meanwhile a good leader works under self induced pressure with time limits to better the  lives of others.

The good news is that amidst pressure, you  can get relief  by handling the pressure in a way that makes you stay on top it. Here are simple tips:

Choose your battles 

You can’t afford to fight every challenge that comes your way in leadership. You have to prioritize the pressure that comes your way to know the one that needs immediate attention.

Not every challenge that presents itself needs an immediate solution, some would require you to attend to them later while others  may need quick attention. Your ability to get your priorities right will help you relieve the challenge pressure pushes on  you.

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Know what is expected of you

Nothing grants freedom to a person like clear lines of responsibility. One of the best moves you can make is knowing  what is expected of you in any task presented under pressure.. When you know what is expected of you, then you would also know what to let go of.

For instance, you travel for an important meeting abroad. You return after six months to the same work, and you are expected to resume work on a previous project you left before you traveled.

You are expected to ask questions like: “what is expected of me?”

This question is important because the structure might have changed and you need to know, so that you don’t put pressure on yourself.

Control your mindset

The mind is the central hub of a man’s life; whatsoever he thinks is what he reflects. Once your mind is conscious of the pressure on you, mistakes are inevitable. You have to think and act relaxed; this s the only way you can navigate through the challenge before you.

Pressure could be likened to a veil that covers your eyes, so you don’t see what is before you. But when you are relaxed, you will relieve yourself from pressure and do what is expected of you. It starts from your  mindset.


When you are focused as a leader; you will not feel external pressure. Being focused affords a leader clarity of thought, but a cluttered mind will struggle with clarity because of divided attention.

Manage Yourself

“You must manage yourself before you can lead someone else,” – Zig Ziglar

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Late motivational speaker and international author Zig Ziglar’s advises that one way to handle pressure is to manage your own life.

Managing yourself  includes managing your fears, managing your time, ensure you make adequate preparation in all you do. Understanding yourself helps you manage yourself and the pressure that comes your way.