Much has been said about the challenges faced by adolescences moving to adulthood. Young adults between the ages of twenty-five and thirty (for some a little later), may suffer from emotional depression, with attendant feeling of “running away.” Some have come to excuse this with the slang “quarter life crisis.” Although wrongly dismissed by some as being a lack of maturity from those who have these feelings, they should be helped to grow past it and thrive in life.

The feeling that you have not attained any self-actualization, as you presumed, doesn’t help matters. This condition becomes even more obvious in millennials, more than other generations. The prime culprit in this is the loads of sermons from motivational books, music and movies that you can become anything your mind can conceive. Let’s look at five symptoms that show you may be suffering from this and what you can do about them.

Dissatisfied with your job

“I hate my job.” “I don’t feel like I’m productive.” “What’s the point of sitting at a desk all day and not making a difference?” “I’m not using my degree.” “This isn’t what I wanted to do.” And the list continues.


The wanderlust has a longing for that opportunity to quit work and pack belongings into a backpack and just travel the world. Those with wanderlust believe that wandering the globe, meeting fabulous people and surviving on less will somehow bring the fulfillment their soul craves.

The Entrepreneur

Starting and running a business is a worthwhile endeavour. It has helped many attain the goal of self-actualization, after resigning their employment and pursuing their dreams of setting up a small business and nurturing it to success. We have the examples of Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc.

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This becomes a problem when it drains your savings from your bank account before you get close to your idea and can’t admit when it’s failing.

The Family Man/Woman

S/he craves marriage and children early in life. The feeling of lack of romantic fulfilment by a certain age plagues both genders.

The Whiner

The whiner loves to complain about practically everything that is not going right in his/her life; lack of money, terrible job, never getting to do anything, having no hobbies, no passion, no direction, etc.

How to deal with this stage of life?

Self-actualization is a noble goal that should be strived at by all, whether young or old. Making changes in your life either by; quitting your job, starting a business or travelling the world, are worthwhile.  Just remember: money is important. If you are going to make a risky decision; save up first, create a exit strategy and have a source of income. Don’t blindly leap into the unknown because John Bull makes it look so appealing in that blog post/movie you saw.