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How to Know that You Might be Working too Much

As unlikely as it seems, we actually understand you and why you might be stretching yourself excessively. You had and still have a lot of responsibilities on your plate that you cannot afford to take lightly. As such, you began working too much just so you could cater to your needs and everyone else’s without being a disappointment.

We have to commend your resilience. You are a man of valour. But, you should know that working too much is going to do you more harm than good, especially health-wise. But, how do you know that you’re working too much? Let’s see.

  1. Increased alcohol intake

It’s really no new information that people often turn to bottles of spirits to ease their stress and help them relax in particularly unsettling times. If you notice that you’re drinking more alcohol than you normally would allow yourself all the time, you might be working too much. This is especially so if the alcohol usually comes when you get back from work.

  1. Reduced productivity

Whether you choose to admit it or not, the truth is that your productivity level is somewhat tied to how much rest you get. Scientifically speaking, your brain becomes less capable of intelligent work the longer it stays awake. So, if you’re noticing that you can’t get things done no matter how much you try, you might’ve worked your brain too hard, and it needs a break.

  1. Body pains

This comes with any type of job, really. If you’re constantly sitting in front of your laptop, working, you might get neck and back pains that could be quite discomforting, depending on how bad your posture is. If, on the other hand, you work a job that requires a lot of moving around, your legs will suffer the pain. If you have either one of these very often, you might be working too much.

  1. Poor relationships

Your interaction with people is important because you’re a social animal, like every other human. But, as soon as you notice that your interaction with other people is starting to dwindle in quality, you might need to check yourself as it means you’re working too much.

  1. Sadness

Working too much often comes with a blue feeling because deep down, you know that there are other places to invest your time, especially in self-care. If you notice that you’re constantly sad at work, you might be working too much, and your body is trying to tell you to go do something else.

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Stretching yourself excessively hardly offers any advantages to anyone. If you notice any of these signs in yourself, the chances are that you might be working a little harder than you should be. Our advice – slow down!

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