Timing is an important issue for investors. In fact, acting at the correct time determines whether an investor would bring home the bacon in his investment or not. When investment is done at the wrong time, it could be disastrous and might not generate returns. Successful investors are people who understand the times and seasons for investments and take advantage of such times and seasons. It is not enough to know about the investment you want to get into, you also need to know the right time to venture into it.

When deciding to invest in any venture, we must conquer our fears so they don’t deny us the opportunity that time presents. For instance, Africa is open for business and the influence on the global economy is mounting. Through technology, investors all around the continent can stay connected and follow the trend of activities to know the right time for investment. Alnoor Amlani, an independent financial management consultant in East Africa, observes that “The GDP of African countries is running well ahead of the developed world. But, problems must be solved if the success story must be told”.

The World in 2050, a report by HSBC, forecasts that five of the fast-growth countries are expected to be located in sub-Saharan Africa. This is a piece of information which investors all over the continent are abreast of. They study the factors enabling the current development and want to be certain of their facts before they prepare a move for investment.

Against the challenges that exist all round the world and in the environment around us, investors can follow a certain route to know the right time for investment. This will prevent them from losing out on their investment as a consequence of factors which could have been taken care of. To recognise the proper time to venture into any investment, you need to observe the following:

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1. Watch the trends

There are key indicators that determine the success of investment in every field. The investor needs to study these key indicators with keen interest before venturing into such field. The trend of activities gives a path of what will unfold in the near future. It passes to the investor based on the reports forecasted by different professional institutions the chance to produce predictions of the outcome of such investment. It also arms investors with vital information needed to conduct their research before proceeding to invest. The reward of investing in a harsh environment could sometimes compensate for relatively higher risk. For discerning investors the challenges of a harsh environment present excellent business opportunities. Every opportunity presents a large untapped market, but only those who understand the trend of activities in such investment will be able to spot them. They are not always visible to all.

2. Compare seasons

I still remember that until recently, no one was talking about the rapid growth of the Chinese economy and the emerging growth of Africa. China and Africa were not being spoken about in a positive prospect the way they are today. It simply connotes that times and seasons change. Even climate change could affect the outcome of an investment. You should always compare previous investment done in the past by other investors and the recent trend of activities. As Jim Rohn said, “Take the time to gather up the past so that you will be able to draw from your experience and invest them in the future. This will aid you with more information to know if the time is right to proceed into an investment.

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3. Decisions should be knowledge-based

In every field of opportunity for investment, there are professionals who can help you bridge the knowledge gap. For instance, you could get professional advice through a financial advisor who can give details of what you need in the business you want to venture into. You could also do a thorough research which will give you relevant information before you proceed to make an investment. But, it is advisable that you seek the services of professional for proper direction before you take any decision to invest. This is because as professionals, they have mastered their art and they will give advice based on standard practices as they relate to the opportunity you want to seize or invest in.

4. Get advice from a mentor

There is always a place for mentorship in discerning the right time for investment. A mentor is a person of considerable experience and wisdom who helps and guides the development of another. Mentorship is an important factor for navigating the complex channels of business investment. Imagine a mentor’s advice from Warren Buffet, telling you to seize an immediate opportunity to invest in shares. Successful investors have mastered the act of understanding the times, and this came through experience. That is why you should hold on to it, because that intangible advice is predicated on the tangible experience of someone who has followed that path. To you, his experience is now your roadmap for making a decision based on the understanding of the time.

5. Observe, imitate and ask questions

Advice from a mentor may not be a continuous process but you can observe, imitate them and ask questions. Human behaviour is acquired through imitation. You can identify a successful investor, and then observe his ways and imitate him. We become who we observe. Someone might ask me, what if I observe him and then fail in my investment? Your investment probably has a 5% chance of failing and 95% chance of succeeding. This is because as I said earlier, these mentors can relate to key indicators that point to the right time of any investment.

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6. The God factor

Opportunities abound everywhere, but most men don’t see them because they leave the Creator of such opportunities out of it. The Good Book says, “Delight in the Lord, and He shall grant you the desires of your heart.” The desire for discerning investors is to know the proper time for investment and seize every opportunity. It is the desire of God to let this out to people who want to use their investment to change the lot of humanity for good. And as you delight in God, He will direct your path and He will give you a discerning spirit, far above what the soul can conceive for you to know the right time for investment.