Especially if you are often swamped with responsibilities from work and in your family, it is only normal if you face difficulties when you try to make exercise a lifestyle habit. Many online media will try to tell you that you can do it if you simply want to do it. However, in reality, things are never that simple because life comes with its own challenges. Besides, what do you do when you really just don’t want to do it?

In that case, you need a set of activities that will act as propellants for you to work out when you have to do so. Call them a string of habits, a set of motivators, or anything else you like. But, these five tips will help you to make exercise a lifestyle habit such that you won’t find yourself quitting every chance you get.

  1. Set reasonable fitness goals

If you’re here, then it’s very likely that you either don’t workout very often or you have been slacking off in your workout routine. Regardless of what the answer is, the truth remains that due to the “downtime,” your body isn’t very used to undergoing rigorous activity any longer. As such, if you want to start working out without quitting halfway, you should set reasonable goals for yourself. Do not plan to run three miles a day if you don’t normally hit that benchmark. If you do, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

  1. Develop a routine that fits into your lifestyle

If, for example, your place of work is incredibly far from your place of residence, it wouldn’t make much sense to go for a morning jog that’ll cause you to be late to the office every morning. So, pick a routine that fits reasonably into your lifestyle. If it requires you to sleep a bit earlier than you are used to, then it’s a sacrifice you might have to make.

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  1. Set reminders

More often than not, we get so wrapped up in our daily activities that other things become secondary. We keep telling ourselves (and ultimately forgetting) that we’ll eventually get to it. Unfortunately, minutes roll into hours and into days and into weeks, and eventually, we find ourselves completely unable to follow the lifestyle pattern we intended.

To prevent this from happening, always set reminders for yourself. If you have decided that you’ll be working out at a certain time, continuously ring your alarm. This will remind you to do what’s right until it becomes etched in your memory.

  1. Get a long-term fitness buddy

There is nothing like getting someone who will motivate you to get out of bed and get your body moving on days you’re feeling entirely demotivated. So, if you’re looking to make exercise a lifestyle, get a fitness buddy. Apart from your mobile device, they’ll serve as your human reminders. With them, you can get out of bed on those particularly lazy days. Besides, they could even double as accountability partners.

  1. Don’t let laziness linger

This is our final point. As humans, it is only normal if we slack off every once in a while. It doesn’t make you entirely without discipline because, sometimes, life just happens. However, if you do get lazy, do not allow it to repeat itself the next day unless you can’t help it. Keeping this mindset will definitely help you to make exercise a lifestyle habit you love.