Hey there! This is another episode of the special guest posting on Valour Digest. Yes, I am the female blogger for Virtue Digest, and today, we’ll be talking about how to make your woman scared of losing you. While you might consider it trivial, it’s actually quite important. 

In a relationship, it is easy for women to say things like, “oh I love you so much. I want to be with you forever. I will never leave you.” Yet, that doesn’t mean that she would never think of breaking up with you. This is where the problem lies and it’s the reason you need to learn how to make your woman scared of losing you.

Now, keep in mind that understanding the tips on how to make your woman scared of losing you does not translate to you disrespecting her. Instead, it is just reinforcement to make her love you always. Having said that, let’s dive right in. 

#1. Focus on Your Social Life

Gentlemen, it is understandable that you always want to be with the one you love; but you need to maintain that social life. No matter how amazing your relationship is, you need to keep your time, your friends, and your own life going. You don’t have to neglect your old friends because you are in a relationship. Let her know you had a social life before you started the relationship and you intend to continue having one in the relationship. With that, she’d understand that you’re a man who has an existence outside his woman and it’ll make her want you a little more.

#2. Don’t Be Too Available

No doubt, women love attention, and texting is one of the fastest means of communication between partners. However, let her be independent occasionally. Let her know you have to attend to work. This does not mean you are playing games, but you have other things going on for you. Just make sure that you talk to her daily, especially before and after work.

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#3. Be Physically Active

If you were the fitness type before you started the relationship, don’t stop. If you used to go to the gym before you met her, continue doing that. If you were the kind to go on early morning jogs before you met her, keep jogging. If you were one who enjoyed music before she said yes to you, keep listening to it. Don’t change because you are with her. The best you could do is to convince her to join you.

#4. Reset Your Boundaries

Guys, you need to be firm when it comes to handling women. Yes, I am a lady, and I am saying this. If you are taken for granted and not treated the way you want to be treated, you need to communicate it. Don’t be afraid to reset the boundaries about what is acceptable and respectful to you. You set the pace of how this relationship will go, and if you are not treated right, she is not for you.

So, that will be all for today. If you’re a lady, click here to learn how to make your man scared of losing you. I’d see you again very soon to discuss another intriguing topic. Before you go, don’t forget to follow us on our various social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook @VirtueDigest. See you next time.