Energy is always leaving the centres of the energy system in our body. In the process of leaving, it creates what we call emotions. This perhaps is the most powerful thing among mortals.

Imagine that you can see each emotion – each physical sensation near a particular energy centre – as a different colour. Energy leaving the centre in fear and doubts causing painful sensation could “light up” that centre in several ways. If you look at yourself when you are angry, or extremely terrified, you will notice how agitated you are even to the slightest provocation at such period. This is the “lighting up” we are talking about!

On the other hand, when energy leaves the centre in love and trust, you discover how radiant the body is. Have you ever seen a baby at the sight of his mother? To this baby, the mother represents the most beautiful person in the world: supplier, protector and friend. The baby is full of cheer and excitement.

As a child, you learnt to recognise colours by labelling them. Your nursery school teacher simply says, “This is colour green”, and points to the picture displaying the colour. After several repetitions, you learnt the colour that is green, the one that is white and so on. You learnt to recognise emotions this same way, albeit mostly unconsciously.

This accentuates the fact that it takes a conscious effort to feel and label emotions. Your friend could tell you, “There is nothing to be frightened about” when you even were not aware you were frightened. In some cases you may be asked “Why are you angry?” when you couldn’t even recognise you were angry.

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It is your job to become aware of your emotions by identifying them.