Imagine that in the middle of a very stressful situation, someone comes to you with a sheepish smile on the face and tells you that you need to learn how to relax. Even we know that that’s the surest way to stress out an already stressed-out person.

However, the only thing wrong with that message is its timing. Otherwise, every now and then, you really do need to relax. You’re not the man of steel with superhuman endurance levels. You’re a human being, and occasionally you need rest.

How do you relax after a particularly stressful week?

That, right there, is a million-dollar question. Different things work for different people. However, we’ll be giving away a few recommendations. They are:

  1. Take a nice and warm soak

This is primarily to help you ease up your tense muscles. If you have a bathtub, prepare a nice bath for yourself and step into it. As an addendum, you can include some of your favourite songs in a playlist and fire away in a Bluetooth speaker.

If you feel comfortable doing it, pour yourself a drink and even read a book while under (as long as you don’t get it wet.) The whole point is to get as comfortable as hygienically possible. Just don’t stay too long inside the water. Otherwise, you’ll come out with the skin of an old man.

  1. Treat yourself to a nice meal

What’s the point of working your butt off all week to earn some money if you can’t spend it? So, take yourself out. Go to a nice and affordable restaurant if you can. If they aren’t open, simply order an adequate quantity of your favourite food and have a feast in your home.

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Better yet, you can make a meal for yourself. Check out recipes, if you don’t already have them, and try to cook your favourite dishes.

  1. Kick back and watch a movie/show

Too much screentime is bad for you. But, when you’ve been at work all day, every day, for the last five days, a little bit wouldn’t hurt.

So, get onto your couch in your most comfortable clothes, hit the play button on your remote and watch a good movie. We’d recommend something lighthearted and funny.

  1. Organize a date

Whether or not you’re in a serious relationship, a good date never hurt anybody. So, call up your significant other and set up a date. If you don’t have one yet, call any lady you have a good relationship with and ask if she’ll be interested. Go out, have a friendly conversation over good music in a great environment. You’ll love it, she’ll love it, and everyone’s happy.

  1. Do not work

This part needs to be emphasized. There’s no point in trying to relax if you’re just going to spend your entire weekend taking one work order or the other. So, while trying to relax, don’t work. If possible, tell your boss that you won’t be available. If you’re self-employed, inform your clients of your availability periods. That way, you can truly focus on you.

In Conclusion

As the popular Nigerian saying goes, “body no be firewood.” So, rest as much as you need to. It is important if you must be productive.