Welcome to Nigeria. Sometimes we do not have the luxury of choices when it comes to getting a job. Whenever we think we are tired, we think back at those years we spent job hunting and conclude that staying unhappy in a job is better than staying unhappy doing nothing. So what do we do when we hate our job but knowing that leaving means starvation? Well, here are some tips for you:

  1. Never take your dream job off head: We all have that thing we would enjoy doing while making money off it. But at the moment, you are probably doing something far from it and you hate it. Well, always ensure you have your dream job in your head and never stop believing you will get it. The worst thing you can do is give up on that as well and settle for the current job. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Work hard and keep trying.
  • Never take your salary off your mind: Some people are lucky enough to get paid very well in a job they despise. If you are in this category, keep in mind that there are those who are not even paid enough for a job they absolutely despise. But even if you are in the latter group, always keep your salary in mind. No matter how small it is, there is this joy we get when we receive a credit alert for all the effort put in during the month.
  • Never take the Smile off your face: Smiling reduces stress and makes you a lot happier. Always smile at your colleagues. Whenever you can, have a little chat and joke around with them to improve your mood. If you are lucky, you might have a real friend among your colleagues, one you look forward to seeing everyday instead of the horrible job.
  • Never take the good things off the list: Even though you are working for Satan, there are still bits about your job that you love. It could be the coffee, it could be a colleague, etc. Write these things down on a list and add to them whenever you find something appealing to you about the job. This turns your focus from why you hate your job to why you love it and you will get happier for that,
  •  Never take good clothes off your body: Dressing good makes you feel good, so make sure you dress to kill whenever you are heading to work. Dressing good is a sign you love what you are doing and this means whenever you go to work looking the part, you will generally feel better.
  • Take yourself off the work: It is important to have a life outside your job. You will hate it more if you spend virtually all your day at work. Create time for yourself, time to do what you love and enjoy, time to hang out with friends and time to rest.
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Finally, never stop gunning for your dream job. The hope you will land it one day should be enough motivation to get you through every day of a job you absolutely despise.

Samuel Ejedegba is a staff writer at TRW Consult, a marketing communications agency with core expertise in content marketingbrand managementreputation managementdigital marketingsocial media campaignsevent marketingrazzmatazz, virtual assistance, amongst others.