Oftentimes, when people talk of being productive, it actually looks abstract to me. I’ve always wondered how someone could be looking for ways to get “more productive”. I just didn’t get it. If we go by the career advice we hear all the time, like:

  • Be the first person in, but the last person out
  • Work your hands up to your wrist, even up to your bones
  • Work hard, and even smart sometimes

Then, you should have similar thoughts as mine.

But the last line mentioned something along the lines of working smart. I would like to say that another word for this is being productive. I later on discovered that I could spend 5 hours on what should ordinarily take me no more than 30 minutes. I now understand why it’s important that one be more productive – day in, day out.

I’m here to tell you how to become more productive and free up more time to do the things that really inspire you. Better still, how to get more done effectively in less time. I’ve used this in and out of college, and it works if only you work it.

And the quick way is: Writing them down.

That’s it. No more. My aim of writing this is to get you to use this tip, in the least amount of words. So, I’ll dive in straight.

Once you’re through with today’s activities, take out a piece of paper, and a pen. Write out the most important, no-fail items you need to do tomorrow. Pretty much like your to-do list. Then, go on and write out what you’ll like to do, but not as compulsory as the first set of activities.

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In this manner, write out what you would like to achieve in the whole of tomorrow (Don’t think yet if some are too tiny to be done, or just not worthy to be written down). If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth being recorded.
Now, allocate timelines for each activity, based on your personal preference or when you think it’ll be the most convenient to get it done. And that’s it.

Wrap up the paper, and let it be the first thing you wake up to see the following morning.
I know this sounds ridiculously simple. But the best things in life aren’t complex – things like achieving more in your work or at home by actually doing less, not more.

If you’re convinced here, great! Get on with this tip as I would like to hear how this would work out for you.
If not, then let me explain why this simple activity is that powerful. As humans, we tend to assume we can multi-task and put so many things into action all at the same time, which is simply a myth.

You can only do one thing effectively at a particular time, especially things worth doing well. By writing out your activities, you have brought out from the deeply infinite pit called your heart, those top-priority items you want to see accomplished – as against just waking up each day and handling issues based on how they present themselves.
By using this tip, you would be the one in charge, dictating when and where you want each activity to take place, which makes YOU achieve more, by being in charge of the situation.

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