Recently, we released an article about how you can answer the “tell us about yourself” question. There, we discussed how tricky it can be and how you can get around it. Today’s article is about the “why should we hire you” question.

This question is a lot more popular and it is relatively trickier to answer than the first. A lot of people get to this point and start stammering. In our article today, we’ll be guiding you through it such that your potential employer is left in awe.

Understanding the Question

When the interviewer asks “why should we hire you?” their true question is “what makes you a good fit for this job?” Knowing this should go a long way in helping you determine how to answer. For that reason, at this point, you need to sell yourself. It doesn’t matter if you spent your undergraduate years learning sales and marketing. Regardless of your profession, you must be able to sell yourself when they ask you this question.

How to Answer

While answering, be sure to include all the reasons you’ll be a good fit for the position. Mention the things you saw while you were researching the company. Tell them your past work experience as it relates to the industry. If you don’t have that, tell them the other things that you’ve done and how its lessons would help you do the job better.

Don’t neglect to include how you can improve the company. As long as you’re not excessively critical and condescending about it, virtually all companies like someone who can bring something to the table. Keep that in mind.

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Things You Shouldn’t Do

While trying to get a job, it is easy to get “desperate” and start doing things you shouldn’t do just to convince your hirer. However, that enthusiasm can ultimately defeat the purpose. Here are three major things you should avoid.

1. Lying

The last thing you want to do while answering the “why should we hire you” question is lying. There are two possible scenarios. The first is that you’ll successfully convince them and get the job. However, you won’t be able to deliver and you’ll probably get fired. The second is that they’ll see through your lies and dismiss you. There’s not much of an upside to it. So, don’t.

2. Being unsure of yourself

Sales require confidence. Imagine going to get a drug and the pharmacist is giving off the impression that they’re not sure what the drug does. You’ll immediately become scared for your health and go somewhere else. It is the same with your employers. So, when talking, project confidence. Without it, your entire speech could be useless.

3. Giving a prewritten response

It might seem like a no-brainer to memorize a response if there’s a solid chance that they’ll ask it. However, considering the amount of cramming you did in your schooling days, you must know by now that it doesn’t always end well. It’s best to listen to the interviewer, figure out what their perceived company’s purpose is and then answer based on that. Don’t give a pre-recorded speech.

In Conclusion

Answering the “why should we hire you” question requires finding a balance between honesty and good salesmanship. You want to know what you’re bringing to the table and you want to practice telling your potential employers. It’s that simple.

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