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How You Can Demonstrate Your Freedom

Freedom is a state of independence; a situation where one’s right to expression, movement, decision or choice, ambition, ownership, etc., are not in any way limited by place of origin, beliefs, parents or guardians, locality or territorial boundaries, law,  and persons.

Freedom is a natural gift, which every human being has, whether knowingly or unknowingly. In as much as we cannot rule out the fact that it is affected by variable factors, as enlisted above, every individual also has his or her way of responding to it- that in itself, is freedom. These external influences range from places to places, as well as from one race or tongue to another.

Children’s freedom, for instance, is largely controlled by their parents or guardian, who make decisions for them concerning what they eat, their wears; where they go; who they mingle with; the choice of school they attend, and so on. The rule is that they do not do anything outside their parents’ or guardians’ instructions. Occasionally, they get scolded for breaching basic homegrown rules and regulations. Children’s freedom is largely influenced, and its demonstration limited.

Those are for the children. For adults, freedom is a ready feeling they have, owing to maturity and experience, which presupposes that they would not settle for anything that obstructs the expression of their freedom in any way.

Generally, how can one demonstrate freedom? Individuals can do these in a number of ways, and they are:



This is the first place to start from. Accepting that you have it alone is a key step to living it out or protecting it. The expression of freedom starts from the mind, and nowhere else; same way every action begins with a thought. If you have a feeling that you are not free within, there is little any inspirational speaker or psychologist can do to help you. The bulk of expressing your freedom lies within you, and shoots out from there. Your personality traits, be it melancholy, phlegmatic, choleric or sanguine could affect it, either ways.

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Engaging in social activities:

The knowledge of freedom gives one the opportunity to get involved in activities around. There are a number of agents of socialization such as mosques, churches, schools, which help every individual shape their growth, development and well-being; and making a decision favouring your association with one or two of these social agents is a very good way to demonstrate your freedom.

Taking a shot at entertaining events like sports, movies, and other recreation activities are sure ways of expressing freedom as well.


Voicing out your opinion:

Speaking at the right time, as the occasion demands, over issues bordering on family, school, business ventures, life, and prevailing problems associated with them, helps to broaden your knowledge on them and build a sense of freedom of productive expression. You should not keep quiet when things are not working well, or when injustice abounds around you. It is not about whether you are directly affected or not; it is about you not expressing or demonstrating your nature’s gift of freedom.


Making choices:

Unlike kids whose choices are determined by their parents and guardians, adults are largely at liberty to decide on personal concerns such as where to live, who your friends should be, which course of study to undertake, or profession to settle for; who to marry, who to work for or employ, which property to own are decisions adults can make. Making these choices grow from the understanding that you have to because they are your exclusive decisions.


Seeking to teach or be taught:

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By virtue of the fact that mankind is not made to be static but dynamic, this informs the necessity for knowledge. Seeking knowledge, however, is a basic thing to satisfy every human need. Whether you are a teacher or a student, the symbiotic relationship existing between the two gives room for self and general human capital development. In the labour circle, there is training and retraining for an update of knowledge relating to certain work functions or roles in an industry. Having the right to teach or be taught is a right you have, and you must ensure it is observed at the appropriate time.


Benefits of demonstrating your freedom

  1. It gives a sense of self-satisfaction or fulfillment.
  2. It helps you with self-discovery.
  3. It builds confidence.
  4. It accelerates growth.
  5. It is an ingredient for general well-being
  6. It creates a hopeful disposition to life.
  7. It builds capacity or ability.

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