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Hygiene Tips on Good Nail Care

Human nail form a prominent part of the finger. The function it serves make it a body tissue which must be cared for at all times. Apart from the covering the nail gives the topmost part of the finger, it also prevent securing injury to the delicate skin around it.

The human nail serves many functions, some of which are scratching skin surfaces when there is an itch; holding light objects firmly, etc. Some people wearing long nails used them for the removal of tiny objects from holes, gaps in between teeth, and such other activities which the fingertips could not ordinarily perform.

However, wearing long nails without due cleaning habit give room for the settlement of germs or dirt underneath. This may be ingested while eating hence, one becomes exposed to infection. The rule is if you must keep long nails, cultivate the habit of regular clean-up.

Above all, take these as tips on good nail care

  1. Do not tear off nail rather use sharp objects like blade, nail cutters or knife to remove long nails.
  2. Do not also tear off worn out part(s) of the cuticle as this could lead to a very painful ulcer of the cuticle.
  3. Always moisturize your nails to make it soft for an easy cutting exercise and also wash your hands afterwards.
  4. Do not cut nails with your teeth. This is unhealthy and dangerous practice, simply because germs hiding under nails could be sucked into the mouth.
  5. Do not scratch hard or rough surfaces or wood, wall, etc, with your fingernails. It could damage your nails, causing painful injury.
  6. For those who decorate nails with the use of a polish, endeavor to wash your hands properly to remove chemical stains.
  7. Always wash your hands after the use of the toilet. This can help get rid of trapped human waste from underneath the nails.
  8. When nail is damaged mistakenly by any violent means like hammering etc, do not force spoilt nail out of position, since such act could cause severe injury.

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