After a series of applications, an interview and a long waiting period, you finally receive a letter or an email offering you a job. Of course, your first reaction would be that of utmost joy and excitement. But, before you jump the gun and accept that job, take a few minutes to answer the questions below, and to know when it is ideal to accept a job offer.

When the excitement wears out, you find out that the job offer isn’t actually as great as it seemed at first. This is the point where so many people make mistakes. Having searched for a job for a long time, they become desperate enough to settle for much less than they are worth, strongly believing that they do not have a choice. Our economy doesn’t in anyway lighten this burden either.

Just as the company had you go through thorough screening to see if you’ll be fit for their ‘long list of requirements’, you should also conduct a discreet screening of the company in question and find out if it will be a good fit for your personal needs, your relationships as well as your career.

These questions should set the pace for a conclusive screening of your potential boss;

  • How well do you know your ‘soon-to-be’ boss and the company?
  • Would you be proud to say you work at that company in future?
  • Do they observe any practices that are against your values and principles?
  • How much will the cost of commuting to work be?
  • Is the salary being offered commiserate with your qualifications?
  • How would working in this company affect your career?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities?
  • Are there any exciting perks and benefits that come with your job?
  • What are your working hours?
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Bottom-line is that you need to take a deep breath, read the offer again and make up your mind at a slow pace. There’s no harm in politely asking for time to think about a job offer. Be in charge of making logical decisions so that you don’t end up with ‘what-ifs’, or worse stuck in a job you don’t want.

Culled from Nairametrics