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7 Signs You’re in Love with Your Job

You’ve heard it said that if you love your work, you’d never have to work a day in your life. Well, that’s true in the sense that work would be more of a pleasure than a burden. However, do you realise that it is possible to love your work so much that you become addicted to it?

At that point, other areas of your life could bear the brunt, particularly the people closest to you such as your spouse and children. Your work sucks up the time and resources you should have used to nurture these vital relationships, thus making it look as though you were in a relationship with your job.

So how do you know when you’re getting to this point and need to cool off a bit? If you say “yes” to most of the statements below, you need to adjust.

1. You find your mind drifting to work at odd moments like when you’re in a worship service, at the movies, taking a shower or spending time with a loved one.

2. You feel guilty for taking a day off after several weeks of hard work. You feel obligated to make it up over and above what is necessary.

3. You check your emails first thing in the morning. You respond to everything immediately so that people will not think that you don’t care when in fact, you really do care.

4. You take your laptop home with you every day or almost every day.

5. When things don’t go exactly right or when you have a setback at work, (including queries, fines/penalties and missing out on a project), you take it personally.

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6. You leave office later than 6pm or you even work overnight!

7. You can’t afford to spare some time for lunch. You would rather take it at your desk or take your laptop with you to the kitchenette or canteen. The crevices on your keyboard have taken up enough pieces of food and snacks to feed a whole army of ants.

Can you relate to some of the above? What other signs have you observed?

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