Curb appeal describes how attractive your property is when taking a look from the outside. Real estate agents often use it when evaluating and/or selling a property. Curb appeal is an important factor in property valuation. Thankfully, you can easily increase the curb appeal of your home or property with simple and low cost improvements.

Repaint, or replace your gates, fences or exterior fittings

One of the quickest ways to significantly raise the curb appeal of your home is to change its external appearance by painting or refurbishing damaged or defective items. Most of the time, even the most expensive property can seem cheap and unattractive when broken or rotting material are the first thing one sees in its aesthetics. Also, once flaws are fixed colour and other decorations help to give the property a little infusion of the owner’s personality.

Clean and cover all exposed or dirty gutters

This is a major issue in Nigeria with putrid gutters and drainage systems existing undisturbed side by side with tastefully constructed mansions. Nothing screams ‘neglect’ more than an uncovered or dirty gutter. Ensuring that the drainage outlets around your property are clog-free and properly sealed should be a priority to avoid downgrading the general neighbourhood aesthetic. Ideally all open drainages should be tiled over and kept out of sight of passers-by.

Create an instant garden

There are many roadside florists along the major roads in the country who sell potted plants in bloom. A few of these at the exterior of your home come together to form a blossoming garden with only a fraction of the effort, and provide colorful, affordable curb appeal. Also, the plants can be arranged in different patterns to create a dynamic landscape.

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Create a planting bed

Planting beds are those areas usually on the sides of the walkways of the exterior of the property that are not exactly gardens but are sectioned off for plants and greenery. Just like the instant garden, a planting bed will also benefit from purchases from the roadside florist or gardener. Also, because planting beds frame the property and complement it,  accentuating the edge of the beds using stones, bricks, or gravel mix is a great idea. Also vary the colour and size of the plants within the bed for effect.

Build a walkway or driveway

Sometimes the only thing needed to spruce up your home dramatically might be a creatively designed walkway or driveway. A walkway makes your home feel warm and inviting and a driveway makes the property look grand. A cheaper and more popular way of creating an attractive driveway in Nigeria is by filling the bare earth with granite (stones). However, a concrete driveway can be refurbished by killing any weed or vegetation sprouting from it, refilling the cracks and then staining it with paint. Walkways can easily be designed by filling a path with cobblestones, natural stones or even bricks. To add drama to the walkway instead of arranging the stones in a straight path, you can rearrange them in a contoured or geometric pattern, and/ or stain them with colour.

Provide outdoor lighting

Curb appeal is not limited to daytime hours as exteriors can look attractive at night. Garden and exterior light fixtures when creatively arranged can provide illumination, safety and security for your property. The only thing to note is the peculiar needs of your property which determine whether the lights will be buried in the floor, or hanging from trees or fixed to other exterior fittings.

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