An Introverted person is one who is characterized by an inability to participate in social gatherings for a number of reasons. In contrast to their extroverted counterparts, an introverted individual would much rather just stay at home and read a book than go out to party on a Friday night.

Introverts are all around us today. As a matter of fact, you probably have a lot of them as your friends. The chances are that you are one too.

The thing about introverts is that their very nature doesn’t quite allow them to enjoy social gatherings in the way that extroverts do. As a result, they always look for one reason or the other to get out of it. However, like many other things in the world, a lot of people often abuse the word “introversion.” The worst part is that some people don’t even know that they’re doing it.

They say that they don’t want to do this or they don’t want to do that simply because they’re introverted and can’t enjoy it. However, a deeper probing would often reveal that it’s an excuse to avoid certain things. So, how do you know that you’re being self-destructive instead of introverted?

1. You use your nature to excuse yourself from every gathering, including those beneficial to you

Whether you’re an introvert or not, the opportunities that lie in networking are quite astounding. By meeting one or two individuals, your career could take a turn for the best. When you avoid programs where you could meet such individuals, you are allowing your introversion to become a player in your self-sabotage.

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2. You use your introversion to avoid people you don’t like instead of just telling them.

Now, the importance of being assertive cannot be overstated. It helps you set clear boundaries, and there is really no substitute for it. So, if you’re using introversion instead of simply telling someone that you don’t feel comfortable with them, you’re being self-destructive.

3. You use your introversion to excuse your laziness

There are several things you could do and accomplish if you get off your couch, go outside and put your back into it. If you start getting overly comfortable with doing nothing all the time, it’s no longer just introversion. It’s just laziness.


Introversion is a real personality trait, and it can be a bit limiting. However, to prevent the self-destruction that could come with it, you need to act despite your inhibitions.