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Is Time of Essence to You?

Of what essence is time to you? Each of us need to answer this question so we can understand what we have been doing with this valuable variable, to see whether we have indeed made quality use of it or wasted it after all.


Whichever is your answer, it is generally acceptable that, time could be priced, same way we quantify it. Though time is endless in space, yet it is limited when we choose to perform a particular task like reading, talking, playing, working, touring, etc. We do not engage in any of these forever, but for a limited time we choose, perhaps an hour, two, three, etc. In order to evaluate how well we use our time all the while, it is inseparably necessary to deduce what exactly we achieve in the course of performing the above-mentioned tasks or others we devote our time to. We should be able to figure out the time value in consonance with our set goals and objectives.


Time is the measure of the day. It is an independent scalar quantity or variable, meaning that it has magnitude only. It affects everyone and everything but, itself remains unchanged. By extension, it is the basic unit of measuring the week, month and year. We see each day change from morning to noon, afternoon, evening and night, and the progression continues like that, as long as we live.


Consider this: The purpose of reading is to get knowledge. It does not stop there however, but it also involves the interpretation of the knowledge, which is understanding. Then comes wisdom, which is right application of the knowledge for a worthwhile exercise.

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A lot of time is consumed in the whole process, which seems so simple in this exemplified progression. Acquiring knowledge alone could take several years. Same is with understanding, taking place simultaneously, while wisdom, takes the final course with the right and timely application of the knowledge attained.


If there is any missing link in this order? If there is, then you have not consummated the essence of time used. Stopping halfway does not confer, in any way, a judicious use of time either.


No one knows the origin of this phrase: ‘African Time’, it is believed to have evolved from an informal use of expression. African time is a black man way of assuming an event would not start as scheduled, hence, getting to event venues at a later time becomes a choice.

The danger of this is that it negates human development in relation to time management. It pushes events beyond acceptable


Time is of essence and should be treated as such. Treating time with little concern is a sign of bad time management, personal indiscipline, poor attitude to life.


When an event is slated for a particular time, the acceptable action of attendees is to get there before the start of such event, presumably, an hour in advance. Not having good attitude to time management also shows one cannot get assigned task done in line with a schedule.


Time is of essence and that is why pricing it, alongside the effort put in performing an assignment helps in getting the real value for money and services rendered. Consulting for someone is a key example here. We know consultancy is an offer of professional advice to a client, in any field of human endeavor. The source of the consultancy service takes into consideration the quality of the advice offered, time taken in aggregating the materials and effort put into it, etc.

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Whatever you choose to do, always think positive with time. Do not allow time wastage, idleness, nor loafing, etc. Time wasted cannot be retrieved; never can it be anywhere. Let’s be conscious of time in all we do because it pays to save time by doing something worthwhile at all times.

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