It’s rainy season and we are glad it’s here. But we should bear in mind of the looming danger of pests like termite as the incidence of rainfall draws back. Of course they are present underneath, somewhere hidden to the human eyes for now but can surface when anyone least expected. Areas reached by underground water could displace organisms residing there, and some of those are the termites.

It’s a known fact that termite thrive in rotten wood materials, moisture-laden environment, etc. And that’s why the Valour Digest is drawing your attention to some precautions needful now and then.

Let’s share them together:

Limit the occasions of moisture in your home. Termites need this to blossom.

No leaking or broken water pipes should be left unrepaired. Same applies to exterior AC units.

Wooden surfaces like fascia and soffits, which are part of a roof, as well as rotten sand piles must be replaced or discarded as soon as they are spotted.

Immediately remove and seal up any noticeable weather stripping and breaking filling or plaster around floor and windows.

Let all waste water drain completely through channels into receptacles and soak ways, gutters, etc.

Care must be taken to search and dismantle mud buildup which serves as shelter for termites, enabling them reach food sources, etc. Same applies to wooden materials which when tapped makes a hollow sound, a possible indication that it could have been eaten deep by termites. Doors, windows, skirting boards, etc, made of wood are not left out.

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Do not allow any wooden part of your home lie directly on the ground. Preferably leave an 18-inch gap between soil and any wood portions. For firewood users, let the wood be kept about 20 feet from your house.

In case you notice any termite incursion, do not make it your business alone rather, call for a pest-control professional to determine the extent of the problem and what need to be done.


Let’s safe ourselves the huge cost of fighting termites while we can spend just a ready precaution instead.