The 2015 presidential election has come and gone; the winner has emerged and has been sworn in. Power has changed hands. Dr Goodluck Jonathan is in Otuoke; General Muhammadu Buhari is in Aso Rock. New power blocs have emerged.

However, the lessons of the election remain with us. And they will remain for a long time. The biggest lesson from the election is that all the missteps of President Jonathan and his team presented a footstep for General Buhari to ascend the presidency.

If President Jonathan had scored excellently on the issues of insecurity, corruption, infrastructure, etc., the All Progressives Congress (APC) and General Buhari’s team would probably have been left with no issues to base their campaign on.

What are the major mistakes committed by Jonathan and his team that handed Buhari the keys to Aso Rock? They are the twin challenges of insecurity and the state of the economy.

Insecurity gripped Nigeria by the throat for years and it became a norm for Boko Haram to run riot, take up territories, abduct, maim and rape women across the northeastern states of the federation.

Hundreds of girls were abducted in their schools and still in captivity before the election. That opened up the platform for the opposition and the voters to vent their anger through the ballot box.

Buhari was perceived by voters as being more capable and decisive to deal a big blow on the insurgency ravaging the nation and capable of redressing the economic challenges the country is facing.

Besides insecurity, the sharp fall in oil prices in the international market affected government revenue considerably. As a result of that, many state governments were left without the capacity to pay workers’ salary and meet other obligations.

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Some analysts posit that this would not have happened if the Jonathan presidency had not capitulated under heavy pressure from state governors to deplete the Excess Crude Account, which could have served the nation during the rainy days.

Yes, there may be some other factors that contributed to the victory of General Muhammadu Buhari, but insecurity and the economy rank top on the missteps of Dr Goodluck Jonathan. It therefore behoves on Buhari not to repeat the mistakes made by Jonathan.