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The struggle in life never stops. The temptations will change, the frustrations may be modified, but struggle remains a constant. If it is not internal problems, it will be external anomalies. If it is not family relationships, it will be community affiliations. The struggle always continues. You can get wealthy as you want to be, but there is still going to be struggles. You can give it all up, but that would never exempt you from struggles.

So if you are going to enjoy life at all, you have to have the ability to become comfortable in the midst of the struggle. If you delay your peace for every conflict that you experience and say “I’m not going to be at peace until every struggle is over”, you will die in turmoil; because I am telling you, it will never get any better. It will just be a different kind of struggle.

So what do we do? You have to make a decision to be happy; happy with you, happy with your age, happy with your stage and contented where you are. You cannot allow zeal or ambition to eat up your peace. Because you could get so eaten up with the drive to get up, that you do not enjoy the process of getting up. And the tragedy with that is once you get up; you will find out that, “up” was not that good. So if you do not enjoy the trip and destination and you die, then everything you ever did was for nothing.

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So what are we going to do with all of these? You should JUST LIVE. Get up out of the bed every morning, do what you can, fix what you can, improve what you can, pray about what you can, and go to bed.

Abubakar is a dynamic and energetic communications executive with strategic, solutions-driven experience. He blogs at and tweets from @AbubakarSpeakin

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