The heartbeat is the means for perceiving the activity of the heart in the circulation of blood. The heart requires pressure to supply blood through the arteries to the other organs of the body. The pressure is called the heartbeat, which can be felt by placing the hand, finger or stethoscope on the left side of the chest, on the wrist, or side of the neck. The heart rate is the number of times the circulatory organ beats in one minute.

Besides, it is also an indication of whether one has a healthy heart or otherwise. A healthy heart beats for about 60-100 times in a minute. Any heart that beats less than 40 or more than 120 indicates a possible heart problem.

Every person should be able to keep the heartbeat normal. Occasions arise when the heart beats abnormally due to fear, anxiety, depression, rigorous exercise, or work, etc. Irregular heartbeat too could be a prelude to heart stroke and attack attacks.

However, the heart can be kept healthy by noting and adopting these tested tips:

Eat healthy food regularly:

The heart needs food as well as the whole body to function at optimum capacity, and for no reason should you deny the heart a healthy food. Controlling the eating habit and certain food are key to achieving this. Stay off food with high cholesterol, unsaturated fat and oils.

Rather, eat more of vegetables, whole grain, poultry products, fruits and nuts.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps to burn fats in the body, especially those stored in the capillaries and arteries. Caution should also be ensured that you do not engage in a belaboured exercise that would put unnecessary pressure on your heart. Moderation in the exercise is recommended and such could include a light gym, aerobics, yoga, jogging skipping or even dancing. The purpose is to keep a healthy heart.

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Sleep well

This is important as it helps relax the heart from the stress of the day. At night, sleep helps to calm the rate at which the heart beats since there is no serious work done. During such rest, the heart could be said to have hibernated, working at a very much regulated mood. For an ideal sleep and for good rest, every human person needs at least 6-8 hours on the bed. Not having a good sleep habit can lead to severe heart issues.

Avoid stress

Experiences have shown that the heart rate can naturally go up when stressed. Sometimes, panic sets in when you worry about certain life situations or demands. Advisably, you should avoid any such occasions that could give room to panic or stress. The ability to study yourself and know what can cause stress would equally help you to stay off them.

Remove Toxins

Every human on earth is exposed daily to radicals or toxins in our environment. Few of them are smokes from cigarette, automobile and burning wood and even dust, which can cause great harm to the body system. Unhealthy lifestyle such as heavy consumption of alcohol can as well damage vital body organs like the liver and kidney. Endeavour to keep away from habits and places where you can be exposed to these toxins or radicals. Also, note that these toxins or free radicals could be ingested through drugs.

Your heart determines your health, so, keep it healthy.

Stay well.