The last discuss on this topic on the Valour Digest dwelt on earthquakes, time calculation, distance, location of places and pressure.

This piece is to deal with proves that support the spherical nature of the earth. For those who have not had the opportunity of boarding an aircraft (aero plane, helicopter, jetfighter, rocket or space shuttle etc), it is simply a hard adventure trying to fantasize what the earth looks like, except reliving geographic shots in documentaries, films or literature.


Many years ago, it was difficult to believe the earth was round, spherical or circular, whichever is appropriate. Early men believed what they saw- the horizontal outlook of the ground they stood on. That’s all. Some of the new generation still hold the unpopular knowledge that negates earth’s true nature, unless some of the long-tested and proven facts are pushed forward to them. Or video clips from space crafts are displayed before them to quell the wrong notions previously held, it may be impossible to convince the old folks and their breeds beyond reasonable doubts, that indeed the earth is spherical.


Check out the following claims by scientists, astronauts, geographers:


  1. The first historical voyage led by Captain Ferdinand Magellan around the world on August 10 1519, showed that his ship returned to the position in Spain from where it started. They never come in contact with any sharp fall (a prove that the planet is not flat) and supporting its round nature.



  1. Other proves are that photographic shots from space craft confirmed the curvature of the earth’s surface viewed from an astronomical distance. At times, we watch those captivating documentaries and we are in a way informed of our earth looks like. Similar planets in the solar system each has spherical appearance and that mean the earth cannot be an exception since it is a component of the solar system.
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  1. Moving objects (like vehicle or ship) on the road or sea level seemed they entered the ground or sea when they get to the extreme end (horizon). Same way they reappear as if from under the ground or sea when viewed from a long distance.


  1. Driving of poles on the earth’s surface: This is practicable by anyone who cares to know. Driving poles of equal length at same interval would always show the middle one projecting above the two at both ends.


  1. Sunrise and Sunset: Places on earth surface are not supplied with the sunlight at once when the sun rises but in accordance to their relative position, as the earth rotates on its axis. But if the earth is flat all the inhabitants would be reached at once. That’s why you hear people in America for an instance are in different time of the day compared with people in Africa and other places.


  1. Eclipse: During an annular eclipse (a natural condition which gives off a shadow ring, where either the earth or moon comes in between one of them and the sun). This is a clear indication of the spherical nature of the one whose shadow is cast.