The luxuries of life come from good economic power and as a reward which of course should be one good incentive for hard work. After a year of intense hard work, it was a great idea to go on a corporate retreat that afforded us an avenue to ease off the stress of the outgoing year while planning for the forthcoming year. Our corporate retreat saw us visiting the 65-hectare La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in December 2014, and I must confess it was a cherished experience of a lifetime.

The resort is located at the Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos Island, far from every popular landmark in Lagos, Nigeria but qualified to be regarded as an escape destination for relaxation purposes from all the hassles of the central districts of Lagos, a city which they say never goes to sleep. And La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort was the right place for me to prove why Lagos is touted as a place of aquatic splendour. The journey took about three hours from Ilupeju in Lagos. And after about one hour of setting out in our convoy of cars with almost uninterrupted speed, we discovered that our destination was at the extreme of Lagos, to say the least.

La Campagne Tropicana 2

Upon arrival and as soon as we got done with the verification of our status as guests, we were greeted by a tour guide beaming with smiles and eagerness to serve. She was going to be responsible for showing us around the facilities we would like to use in the course of our stay there. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were at fixed times for every guest so you don’t want to miss a schedule of meals. We did miss lunch on the day of our arrival though.

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You know what? Mother Nature has her stylemarks. The symmetry of the beach palms at La Campagne Tropicana is one of such. The trees align almost perfectly as though they were planted by humans, whereas they are a purely natural phenomenon.

Many people throng the beaches in the day but there are a few things more relaxing than strolling on the shore of the Atlantic at night like we did without having anything to worry about. We weren’t worried because we had a home with all its suites prepared to warm us up even if we got wet in beach waters; and that I think was comfort.

Dishes followed selection from the menu at regular intervals, and at some point I thought if we hadn’t prepared an itinerary of programmes to have included other events, we would only have been looking forward to the dishes alone – they were worth looking forward to anyway. Thankfully, for all the fun that we could get we had scheduled a commensurate amount of strategic sessions.

By the way, La Campagne Tropicana is open to visitors who may find it preferable to gain entry into the beach premises only as against arranging for accommodation in self-contained apartments which come in various sizes such as the smaller Kodi apartment designed for about two to three guests and the larger 3-bedroom apartments designed for larger contingents such as a company.

Mr Olaolu at La Campagne Tropicana

With various sports facilities, guests have many options for catching fun. The boat ride was our collective highpoint in this regard, and my personal highpoint was emerging the unified and undisputable champion in the tennis rounds, beating every one of my colleagues to the challenge. It feels good to have personal highpoints in such a memorable place as that.

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However, if I were to rate the resort on a scale of five stars, they’d only get three – two less than the perfect rating till, perhaps, they finish the general maintenance of the facility that we saw them start before we departed. So, if it’s part of your plans to take time off work, get some distraction or deliberately find some hideaway for any good reason (such as a retreat in our own case), you might be fortunate to meet an improved 5-star La Campagne Tropicana.