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Do you consider yourself a good communicator? Does your job include that you speak or write to clients? Are you often jittery when you meet strangers and are afraid to start a conversation? I suggest you read How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere by Larry King.

This book was on the display of the current hot best sellers like it was meant to land in my hands. So it was with great interest that I purchased the paperback.

Larry King, well-known host of CNN’s Larry King Live, is probably one of the best known, if not the most respected, interviewers today. I found his book to be a collection of useful tips on how to communicate and talk to people, not only in professional, but also in personal situations.

He covers such varied topics as how to start conversations, public speaking, and job interviews. The book is also full of anecdotes of his personal experiences in social situations as well as while filming his talk show.

Market your books

The book informs the reader on how to communicate. Follow the rules:
1.   If you feel you are not good at it, you can be.
2.   If you feel you are good at it, you can be better.

What King provides is a road map to achieve that goal. I found the book easy to read, and simple to understand. It was full of helpful techniques I’ve already successfully applied to my own life.

King closes the book with a statement that sums up the whole book better than I could.

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